Jewel Changi Sky Nets Mishap Leaves Woman With Bloody Gash; She Warns Parents To Be Careful

Woman Bleeds From Hand Injury At Jewel Changi Sky Nets

People can’t seem to stop raving about Jewel Changi, more so now that there are exciting new features in place.

But even Man’s greatest creations have their flaws, and one woman discovered that the hard way after a mishap on Saturday (16 Jun).


Facebook user Ms June Neo was playing on the Sky Nets when she lost her balance and suffered a huge cut on her hand from grabbing onto the ropes for support.

Jewel Changi Sky Nets has safety flaws

Bouncing around on a net high above the ground probably sounds scary enough, but you’d trust that engineers would have people’s safety guaranteed.

After all, the Sky Nets is a new attraction at Jewel Changi, which has seen a high number of visitors since its opening on 17 April.


Perhaps eager to experience it like everyone else, Ms Neo went onto the nets and started moving about.

Unfortunately, the large holes between the ropes were difficult to navigate, as they were allegedly “big enough for (an) adult’s foot to go through and (get) stuck in there.”

And that was exactly what happened, as Ms Neo slipped, getting her foot stuck in a hole.

She tried to arrest her fall by grabbing onto the ropes, but ended up cutting her finger quite badly.


Now that’s an experience she won’t forget, for all the wrong reasons.

Felt pain in other parts of her body

Apart from the nasty cut, the fall also left Ms Neo with “slight abrasions” on her legs and “bruises” on her arms.

She claimed she was lucky that they were nothing more, since her pants saved her from potentially worse injuries.

Ms Neo reckoned that she would have had cuts on her legs too, had she been wearing shorts instead.

Thankfully for her too, a first-aider was there to help, and attended to her wounds immediately.


Parents should look out for their children

While the Sky Nets may be suitable for all ages, there’s no doubt that children will be seen most there.

Since they wouldn’t be aware of the safety risks, Ms Neo advised parents to address the issues with their kids and keep a lookout for them.

Most importantly she suggested that children wear long pants and even gloves if possible, to avoid sustaining any injuries like she did.


We hope that Ms Neo recovers fully from her injury, and that Jewel Changi reassesses the safety of their fixtures.

In the meantime, just be extra careful when you try out the Sky Nets. Move around gently, and wear appropriate attire to avoid any unfortunate accidents.

Featured image from Facebook and Facebook.

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