Lee Kuan Yew’s 91st Birthday

We all know how Singapore’s founding father celebrated his 91st birthday thanks to Education Minister and former PPS Heng Swee Keat’s post on Facebook. But many clever netizens have pointed out that the birthday picture was obviously photoshopped, and not very well. When the image is brightened and contrast increased, the botched job becomes apparent.
lee kuan yew birthday photoshopSome silly citizens used this incident to channel their pent up rage.




While more sensible people speculated it was done so as not to show Mr Lee “endorsing” any particular restaurant.

We’d like to think that Mr Lee enjoyed his celebration, so we decided to have some fun, speculating where he could have celebrated his special day.


lkykboxMaybe they wanted to unleash their inner Mariah Carey at K Box. Just look at those joyful hands clapping in unison. Such rhythmic beats are only mastered by the world’s greatest musical talents. Let’s hope they didn’t get any of their confidential information at K Box leaked by hackers.


lkymlovesgMaybe they traveled across to JB to watch a movie, since not all movies are shown in Singapore, like Tan Pin Pin’s banned film. Because there is only one version of Singapore’s history, the “right” version! Indulging in fictional movies may be a guilty pleasure.



With cat ‘molesting’ being all the rage right now, it’s possible this fashionable crew spent his birthday at a cat café. Come here, kitty kitty!


lkywheelersOr maybe they decided to go full hipster and celebrate his birthday at Wheeler’s Yard. Gotta reach out and connect with the people, yo.


lkyhdbOr maybe it was celebrated at the void deck of one of the affordable public housing areas in Singapore. 5-Room Bukit Merah flats now only cost $780,000! Perhaps they were celebrating the increase in their HDB flat value. Oh wait…


lkym1Maybe they were pre-ordering their iPhone 6 too, just before M1 apologised for their security leak. After all, national security has to be taken very seriously these days.


lkyzoukOr maybe they had some fun times at Zouk. With such energy and enthusiasm displayed on their faces, they would fit right in.


lkywithlhlJust remember, the party don’t start till Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong arrives, y’all.

But seriously, wherever they celebrated Mr Lee’s birthday, we hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

Happy 91st Birthday, Mr Lee!

Original Birthday Picture

Background images via Zit Seng, Oh Honey, To Singapore, With Love, Wikimedia Commons, Simply Jess, Zouk, CNA, and Malcolm Sunny.