LingoAce Lets Children Play Online Games With Tutors So They Won’t Dread Tuition Anymore

LingoAce Makes Learning Chinese Fun & Helps Benchmark Your Child’s Progress

Many of us who’ve been through the Singapore education system may recall taking tuition lessons to improve our understanding of various subjects.

While helpful, they weren’t very different from regular school lessons. Along comes LingoAce, which aims to make learning more enjoyable for the kiddos.

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Incorporating games into lessons via their online Holiday Programme, LingoAce not only helps students prepare for the next academic year, but also guarantees a fun and engaging experience during this year-end holiday.

For parents of Primary 1-4 students especially, the assessment component of LingoAce’s Holiday Programme tailored for AY2021 P1-4 students may be most helpful.

Since the Ministry of Education (MOE) has scrapped exams for P1-4 students due to Covid-19, LingoAce has developed their own Chinese assessment paper in accordance with MOE’s syllabus to enable parents to benchmark their children’s progress.

Here’s what parents and kiddos can expect when they sign up.

Gamified lessons, stories & real-time teaching from expert tutors

Adults will know that getting children’s attention these days isn’t easy, especially with their short attention spans.

A quick way often involves visual animations and gameplay, which LingoAce offers via their edutech platform.

Combining real-time teaching within the context of a game, kiddos can learn comfortably at their own pace and gain a grasp of the Chinese language as they move along.

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The game also involves a storyline, so kids can stay immersed in the lessons while picking up new words and phrases.

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Under the tutelage of teachers experienced with the MOE syllabus, kiddos can prepare well in advance for the new school year.

Not to mention the option of 1-on-1 classes, which provides them with undivided attention should they need closer guidance on the subject.

Classes focus on different Chinese language skills

Of course, the online lessons aren’t all fun and games.


LingoAce’s Holiday Programme consists of 3 types of lessons — the Assessment Programme, Special Programme, and Bridging and Writing Class.

Specially developed in response to the cancellation of the P1-4 examination this year, LingoAce’s Assessment Programme is a refresher course that follows Singapore’s MOE syllabus.

The Programme starts with revision lessons to help students reinforce their new Chinese language skills acquired in AY2021, followed by a home-based Chinese Assessment Paper to enable parents to benchmark their child’s learning progress this year.

Upon completion, a tutor will mark the paper and go through it with your child to correct their mistakes and summarise what they’ve learnt.

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Special programmes, meanwhile, are more tailored to having fun in the language and gaining general knowledge through it. Students can learn Chinese culture through fables, festivals, idiom stories, scientific facts, and the history of Singapore to boot.

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Lastly, the bridging and writing classes will enable students to receive a heads up on what to expect in the next academic year and templates for writing compositions in these classes. Expect it to be packed with tips on how to ace the Chinese language next year.

Free trial of LingoAce classes for Oct sign-ups

Diving straight into a multi-class programme may seem like a huge commitment, which is why LingoAce is offering a free trial of their Holiday Programme for parents who register their kiddos by Sunday, 24 Oct.

The free trial for children aged 3-15 years old comprises:

  • A 55-minute online live lesson that follows the MOE syllabus & exam guidelines
  • 1-on-1 private session to tailor the learning pace to your child’s needs
  • Gamified courseware to keep your child genuinely engaged
  • Free assessment report of your child’s Chinese proficiency & learning goals
  • Hassle-free online booking & attending classes from home
  • A dedicated support team to assist you with setting up the devices required

The free trial will give potential students and parents a great idea of what they can expect. A course consultant will also be in touch to provide a better understanding of the programme.

If you’d like to have a curious look at it, you can register your child for the free trial here.

For more info about classes and fees or LingoAce in general, you may visit their website or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Engaging & enriching way of spending the school holidays

While enrolling in tuition classes may not be your child’s ideal way of spending their holidays, engaging programmes that feel like leisure instead of mugging might change their minds.

After a lesson or 2, they’ll probably find out that learning isn’t always a difficult task, especially when there’s something fun to look forward to.

With the holidays approaching and the new school year coming after that, there’s no better time than now to give your kids a head start.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with LingoAce.

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