LIT DISCOvery Is An Online Career Marketplace For Young Jobhunters

These aren’t easy times for new graduates. With fewer companies looking to hire due to the economic downturn, many are stuck sending out applications but receiving few, if any replies.

There’s also different opinions to sieve through. From your kaypoh auntie’s repeated refrain on becoming the first doctor in the family, to being tempted to pursue your secret passion as a home circuit baker.

For young graduates currently in this situation, this online career fair could provide much needed clarity if you’re on the brink of stepping foot into the world of employment.

LIT DISCOvery – organised by Young NTUC on 10 Jun – offers a host of activities like resume reviews, career quizzes & keynote speeches from business leaders and hawkerpreneurs to aid jobseekers in their hunt for employment.

Live resume reviews from HR pros

If you haven’t received any replies despite spamming job applications for weeks, it’s time to consider if your resume could be a cause for concern.

That’s where a HR pro’s advice could be essential in helping your entry standout amongst hundreds of other applicants.

LIT DISCOvery’s live segment on resume reviews will put your submissions to a litmus test, happening all-day from 12.00-9.30pm on Wednesday (10 Jun).

If that’s not enough, you can look for an industry senpai for mentorship too — more details on how to sign up here.

Navigate your destined career path

You’ve studied your hardest in school. But since the world’s your oyster, the dearth of career options out there can feel a tad overwhelming.

Well, a way to find out about what suits you best is by taking a career quiz and a profiling test.

To put it simply, the Catalyst profiling is a 3-in-1 combination of established psychological frameworks to find out your career interests, personality and which career is most suited for you.

This could very well be the positive affirmation you require, to make one of the most crucial decisions in your life.

Ace your Zoom & Google Meet interviews

Pre-Covid-19, chances of us attending online interviews were low, unless we were gunning for overseas postings.

While a face-to-face interview is daunting enough, online interviews come with their own set of problems.

On the plus side, Zoom or Google Meet interviews mean that bad breath & mismatched socks will be the least of our worries, once you’ve equipped yourself with the right skills.

A professional will teach you how to overcome these challenges and even potentially perform better than if you were face-to-face with your prospective employer.

Successful hawkerpreneurs & industry leaders dispense industry sound bites

You’ll get to talk directly to employers about workplace culture & job opportunities via LIT DISCOvery’s networking sessions.

Heeding their advice could very well change the entire trajectory of your career.

Veteran industry leaders like NETS, Fave & Google will also be giving talks about – among other things – how we can adapt our skillset to a fast-changing world.

Image provided by Young NTUC

Successful hawkerpreneurs like the founder of Fishball Story – the brains behind delectable zhng-ed up Singapore-style mee pok – will also share tidbits on how the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the digital push for homegrown businesses.

Steve Jobs, Jack Ma & Min-Liang Tan-wannabes shouldn’t miss these 4 keynote & panel discussions from 7-8.45pm on 10 Jun, to learn how this transformation is crucial in changing consumer norms.

A detailed schedule & synopsis is available here.

Premium access to content with limited slots

On your road to employment, encountering a few hiccups is part and parcel of the process.

So the more efficient way to enter the job pool is to better our skills to make the most out of every window of opportunity.


While the keynote sharings, virtual mentorship and networking with employers are free to access, consider signing up for LIT DISCOvery’s suite of members-only content here — including resume reviews, career quizzes & workshops for $58.

Alternatively, you can become an NTUC member before registering for the event. This way, you’ll get to unlock the members-only content too, but at a cheaper price.

Slots are limited, so do sign up ASAP to secure your spot. Registration closes on 10 Jun.

Though the event begins at 12pm, Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat will give an opening address at 6.50pm as well.

LIT DISCOvery 2020

Date: 10 Jun 2020
Time: 12-9.30pm

Save the date, and we hope you’ll glean some useful insights from this rare glimpse into the hiring process.

May your journey to employment be ever fruitful

Just know that even if the job hunt isn’t smooth-sailing, with some hard work, securing your dream job can be a reality even in this economic climate.

There’s much to be learnt from the process as well. Take heart as every rejection takes you one step closer to your destined career path.

All the best to our young jobseekers & may your continued hunt and journey to employment bear fruit soon.

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Young NTUC.

Featured image adapted from TheSmartLocal.