Malaysian Man Working In Singapore Disguises As Aircon Repairman To Surprise Family Back Home

Covid-19, and more specifically the corresponding border restrictions implemented, have separated many people from their loved ones.

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Malaysians working in Singapore are among those affected, unable to visit their families despite the close proximity.

One Malaysian man working in Singapore recently returned to his Johor Bahru (JB) home after being away for 7 months. To make the reunion even more touching, he disguised himself as an air-con repairman to surprise his 3 daughters.

You can watch the moving scene here.

Man arrives at home disguised as aircon repairman

According to Facebook user Ms Massoezilin, her husband had been separated from the family for the last 7 months.

Finally allowed to return home for a fortnight, he was determined to make the reunion a special one by disguising himself as an aircon repairman.

To conceal his identity, the man wore a black beanie, shades, and a matching mask. He also armed himself with a ladder and a bucket full of tools to complete the act.


As he entered his own home, the man headed straight to the aircon unit that he was supposed to service.


One of his daughters, however, grew suspicious and told her mother that the man bore a striking resemblance to her father.

While the man went about his work, her eyes remained glued to him as she tried to contain her visible excitement.


Offered chocolate treats to daughters

Later, the ‘aircon repairman’ even offered Kinder Joy eggs to the young children.


Though they were slightly sus at first, all of them accepted the treats with delight.


Father & 3 daughters gather for moving embrace

Towards the end of the video, the second daughter was seen offering a cup of water to the ‘repairman’.


Though he subsequently pulls down his mask to drink, his facial features appear to remain blocked by the mug in his hand.


However, as he lowers the cup and turns towards his daughters seated nearby, a moment of euphoria ensued, as all 3 girls gathered to embrace their father.


The 4 of them remained huddled until the end of the video, as they enjoyed each other’s presence.


Ms Massoezailin also shared in the caption that she found it hard to believe that her husband is with the family again, as their daughters refused to leave his side.

Sadly, the reunion will be brief, as her husband is due to return to Singapore in 2 weeks’ time.

Hope Covid-19 situation improve on both sides of the Causeway

It’s always heartbreaking to see families separated over such long periods of time.

While we’re happy for Ms Massoezailin and her family for their reunion, we ultimately hope the Covid-19 pandemic on both ends of the Causeway will show signs of improving soon.

That way, those working in the other country will be able to visit their loved ones more regularly.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook