Man Cleans Singapore Dollar Notes In A Bucket Of Soapy Water As Covid-19 Hygiene Precaution

While authorities and experts are reminding us to step up our hygiene practices amid the Covid-19 outbreak, one Singaporean decided to take things further.

Instead of just cleaning phones and doorknobs, this man also washed another common surface — dollar notes.


The money we use for purchases, the money that has exchanged multiple hands and now lies in our wallets. Bet you didn’t think of that.

Washes and scrubs dollar notes with soap

For those who have already been going cashless, this may not be a huge concern to you.

But for many of us who still patronise cash-only stores, especially at many hawker centres, we still need some dollar notes on hand.


Sadly, these notes do not stay in just our hands, but have probably been passed around many, so imagine the germs on them.

Perhaps with this fear in mind, a man decided to give his dollar notes a good ole’ bath. You can watch the clip for yourself here, in a post by Facebook page Singapore Laughs.

In the video, the seemingly masculine hand picks up the dollar bills and carefully scrubs each piece with soapy water, ensuring no parts are left unwashed.

We sure hope those are all plastic and not paper notes.

No need to be paranoid

Washing our money may not be in any of the advisories or research claims about how to fight the virus, but it could be something worth considering.

After all, they do come into contact with our hands and many others.


As amusing as this man’s actions may be, he could very well have good reason for that.

Whether you want to follow suit is up to you, but remember to only take the necessary precautions and not go overboard.

Everyone else needs some soap, sanitizer and masks too, so spare a thought for the people around you.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.