Singaporean Raises $10,000 In Donations To Purchase Raincoats & Other Essentials

Singapore is experiencing a bout of wet weather in recent times. For most of us, the rain is a welcome respite. However, for our migrant workers, the constant downpour brings much inconvenience, especially during work.

That’s why a Singaporean decided to run an open call for donations to purchase raincoats and shoes for the migrant workers.


What she thought would be a humble request resulted in her raising $10,000. The items were bought, packed and delivered in a day, much to the appreciation of the migrant workers.

Donations were procured through an open call on Instagram

In August, Nabillah Jalal (@nabillahjalal) took to Instagram to conduct an open call for donations to get raincoats for migrant workers.


Having previously donated during the fasting month, the migrant workers contacted her again, seeking help.

As the wet weather showed no signs of letting up, the migrant workers also requested large water bottles and new footwear as their current shoes can’t dry in time before work the next day.

Purchased raincoats & other items from Decathlon

While she hoped to receive small cash amounts or preloved items, she never expected it to snowball into $10,000 after a few days.


Suddenly, Nabillah felt pressured to deliver and made her way to Decathlon to get a good look at the items she’s about to purchase. After inspecting the products, with some help from the staff, they left the store with multiple boxes of goods.


Along with her friends, they quickly packed them by the roadside near the migrant worker dormitories. Each package contained raincoats, slippers, water bottles, towels and snacks.


With the generous donations from the public, she could make donations at 7 locations instead of the initial 1 location.


Nabillah ended the hectic day with some unfulfilled orders but promised to return on another day to deliver them.

In parting words, the experience has left her recognising her privilege. She also calls for others to care for the migrant workers in whatever way they can.

Migrant workers deserve dignity and respect

Migrant workers often leave behind their families and travel overseas in hopes of finding a better life. However, the reality is often filled with long working hours and less than ideal working conditions.

So to see someone fully understanding their plight and actively working to make their lives better in some way is a heartening sight.

We hope this inspires more acts of kindness towards our migrant workers.

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Featured image adapted from @nabillahjalal on Instagram.