MoneyOwl Helps You Sort Out Your Final Wishes So Everybody Can Have Peace Of Mind

If there’s anything the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us, it’s not to take life for granted, and that the good things we have are temporary.

While we may not have control over losing jobs and our favourite mee pok stalls, there are ways to make sure the people and things that matter to us are well taken care of.


By helping you write your wills, MoneyOwl lets you do just that, and look out for your loved ones even after an incident claims your life.

Take care of your family in the long run

Mention writing a will to anyone, and the first thought would likely go to money and inheritance.

For average Singaporeans like many of us, wealth may not be our foremost concern.

More than ensuring our family has enough to get by, we’d also want to check that there’ll be someone responsible for their welfare.

Parents of young children and guardians of elderly folk won’t have to stress over scary scenarios anymore.


Knowing that you’ve appointed someone to take over your responsibilities in the event of your sudden passing will offer you some peace of mind.

Decide who gets what to avoid arguments

Choosing a place to dine at isn’t the only dilemma which can leave your family in a muddle.

Determining what share each person gets from the late ah gong’s assets can also be a contentious affair — cue scenes from HK TV dramas.


Those who’ve been in such a situation would know we’re not exaggerating.

Your aunties squaring off over ah ma’s collection of gold jewellery just needs some tense background music to be ready for TV. Stand close enough and you might even be able to hear their inner monologues.

To avoid such situations for yourselves in the future, start preparing your wills now.

Since you likely haven’t amassed a HK triad-worthy fortune yet, deciding who should inherit what you currently have should be easy.

Put everything in black & white using MoneyOwl

Like any argument you have with bae or your BFF, you can’t prove a point you made 3 months ago without text receipts.

Your last will basically serves the same purpose, outlining everything in black and white so the terms are clear for everyone to follow.

No need to seek professional help in a fancy legal office, where you’d have to pay fees, as MoneyOwl offers similar services for free.

Instead of going through tedious administrative procedures, all you need is a few clicks of your mouse and some typing, and you’re done. No need to fork out any money.

You can even maintain a safe distance like a responsible citizen by writing your will at home, as everything is done online.

The cherry on top of the whole treat is that MoneyOwl is offering $5 GrabFood credits for the first 1,500 completed wills on their website.

Only the first 1,500 new users who register can get these credits by 20 Oct 2020.

MoneyOwl will writing comes with unlimited edits

You need not be a master of words, as MoneyOwl touts an “easy and straightforward” will-writing process that takes merely 10 minutes.

The beauty of having a digitalised will is that it comes with unlimited edits. As long as you store it in a safe place, you wouldn’t have to worry if you change your mind, as you can go back and edit it if need be.

Do note that to write a will, you should be:

  • 21 years old and above
  • Of sound mind

Once you’ve fulfilled these requirements, you can get started, without waiting for a lawyer to draft, approve or witness the process.

Just act like you’re completing an online assignment — except you get to set the rules by appointing your own Executor and Trustee to manage your assets.

For more details on how the process works, visit MoneyOwl’s website here.

Give yourself & your loved ones peace of mind

Preparing for the future shouldn’t only be about bracing yourselves for old age. Life is unexpected after all, so we should be ready for any situation.

When the time comes for us to leave this world, we’d want to take comfort in knowing that what we’ve worked hard for won’t go to waste.

Take some time out of your precious day to start writing your will, so everything can eventually fall into place.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with MoneyOwl.

Featured image adapted from Unsplash and TheSmartLocal.