Woman and mother left for Romania secretly without informing her father

For some unbeknownst reason, this woman and her mother pulled the disappearing act on her father right before Chinese New Year.

The 25 year old woman, Ms Yap Lay Leng and her 61 year old mom, Madam Foo Li Kheng left for Romania discreetly without informing her father on 22 Jan.

Her father, only wanting to be known as Mr Yap, realised that they have left for Romania after looking through his daughter’s credit card bills. The pair departed from Singapore for Frankfurt, Germany, and then took a flight to the Romanian capital of Bucharest.

He was driving his taxi in the night shift and when he came home on 23 Jan at 5AM in the morning they were gone and did not contact him for 10 days.

Why did the mother and daughter leave?

According to Shin Min Daily News, Mr Yap believes that his daughter is left to meet a male friend she met online. On top of that, he said that she had wanted to go Europe last year to experience snow but he refused.

He said it was not safe to travel to Europe and added, “I told her that she didn’t need to travel so far just to see snow. She could see snow in Asia”.

Perhaps that is why Ms Yap did not inform him about Romania this time round.

Mr Yap also thought that they left for Romania to celebrate his wife’s birthday as her birthday was the day before (Jan 22) and he thought they would have returned by 30 Jan but they did not.

It was a planned trip

Ms Yap had booked this trip in advance earlier this January and she took four bank passbooks with savings of at least $40,000 as well as cash.

Of course, she remembered to bring along her SG50 commemorative notes as well.

According to her credit card bills, she did not book any hotels or accommodation and her father suspects that someone is expecting then in Romania.

Although this trip seems well planned, she did not apply for leave from work nor inform her office. Her father received a call from her boss saying that she has not been attending work for a few days.

Her father is worried that his wife and daughter will be scammed and also worried for their safety, “My wife has never gone out of the country before and the furthest my daughter has travelled to is Malaysia.”

Her father’s suspicions

He suspects that someone is behind their disappearance but it is quite likely that they just did not want him to be in touch with them.

Her father called the police 5 days later after his wife’s birthday as he thought that they would be back by then. Currently, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) said that it has approached the Romanian authorities to assist the family of the Singaporean women.

A bizarre and mysterious story

None of their family members know why they were gone including the woman’s workplace. Her mom is a housewife.

Her father said, everything was normal on the day they disappeared, his daughter had left for work in the morning and his wife had left their home at around 4pm to meet her for a meal.

On the bright side, they did book a return flight on 16 Apr.

It appears that there is only one person for Mr Yap to call.



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Featured Image via Shin Min Daily News
With reference to The New Paper