Locals Celebrate The Hard Work Of Migrant Workers On Labour Day; Netizens Also Gave Their Well Wishes

Migrant workers were treated to a celebration during labour day

Ah, labour day — the one off day we get for slogging our lives away.

While most of us were enjoying our weekend break, non-profit organisations and many people came together to celebrate the hard work and contributions of our migrant friends.

What different organisations did for the migrant workers

According to The Straits Times, construction company Soil-Build hosted a tea session to show their appreciation and gratitude for 30 Indian workers last Friday (29 Apr). The get-together even consisted of a lucky draw and a gift presentation.

On a separate occasion, two large dormitories of migrant workers had a meal with local workers over the long weekend too.

Kind hearted souls like Ms Kari Tamura Chua, 26, and Mr Calvin Tay, 29 teamed up with HealthServe (an organization which provides healthcare to migrant workers), and hosted an art exhibition and dinner at Westlite Dormitory in Mandai.

Last night on Labour Day (2 May), about 70 locals had dinner with about 500 migrant workers who lived at a dormitory. They were also entertained with musical performances.

Netizens and how they felt about the efforts to integrate these migrant workers


Who else notices that migrant workers are the ones who readily give up their seats for the people who need it more?


Instead of only celebrating what they have done for us, the most important aspect is for the relevant authorities to value their lives.


Migrant workers are a part of the our community

The very building we live in, the very path we walk on are built by these migrant workers who travelled far from home.

Over time, there are more projects and campaigns where people in Singapore are trying to humanise the migrant workers and make them feel more at home.

The welfare of these migrant workers are often neglected and now, people are coming together to make sure that these people in our society are taken care of. HealthServe for instance, provides medical care to migrant workers.

As Singaporeans start stepping up and make the effort to get to know the foreigners in Singapore, we realise that they are no different from us.

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With reference to The Straits Times

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