Woman Finds Mouldy Eggs From FairPrice Purchase, Supermarket Offers Refund

FairPrice Offers Exchange Or Refund For Customer Who Bought Mouldy Eggs

A woman who purchased a carton of eggs at NTUC FairPrice was shocked to discover that some of the items were mouldy.

She posted a photo in the Complaint Singapore Facebook group and questioned why the supermarket did not check the eggs before placing them on sale.

mouldy eggs fairprice

Source: Complaint Singapore on Facebook

A FairPrice spokesperson has since reached out to offer the customer a refund or exchange at her convenience.

However, some people in the comments asked why the woman did not check the eggs properly herself.

Woman finds mouldy eggs in FairPrice purchase

Speaking to 8world News, the woman shared that she bought the eggs at the FairPrice Toa Payoh HDB Hub branch on Monday (20 Nov) at around 11.16pm.

Source: Google Maps

“I took the eggs home and put them to one side,” she recalled.

It was when she was about to put them in the fridge that she noticed that the eggs were mouldy.

“Because the box was transparent, I checked to see if the eggs were broken when I bought them,” she said, adding that she completely did not expect to find them mouldy instead.

“You really can’t tell through the box,” the woman clarified.

Her photo shows white matter, which appeared to be mould, across one row of eggs.

Source: Complaint Singapore on Facebook

The eggs on the other side also had some white patches, although they were less serious.

Supermarket offers refund or exchange

Upon her discovery, the woman reported the issue to FairPrice via Facebook Messenger.

A spokesperson replied to apologise and asked her to bring the products and their receipt for a refund or exchange at her convenience.

They also said that they instructed the store to check on its existing inventory.

FairPrice Group also responded to 8World News’ queries stating that they place great importance on food quality and safety.

The group also said that customers may bring substandard products back to the supermarket they purchased them from with receipts for an exchange or refund.

Some question why woman did not check eggs

Needless to say, the woman’s Facebook post attracted numerous comments from netizens.

One questioned why the woman did not check the eggs before buying them.

Source: Complaint Singapore on Facebook

Another posited that the eggs could have become mouldy due to the moisture that comes from taking them out of refrigeration to sell.

Source: Complaint Singapore on Facebook

Yet others pointed out that customers have a part to play in checking if something has expired or gone bad before buying it.

Source: Complaint Singapore on Facebook

They further noted that staff might miss out on a mouldy batch as they’re too busy.

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Featured image adapted from Google Maps and Complaint Singapore on Facebook.

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