1st-ever spherical cable cars at Mount Faber have glass floors, enjoy the world at your feet

Mount Faber introduces new cable cars open to public from 20 March

Mount Faber Leisure Group (MFLG) has officially launched seven new cable cars in celebration of Singapore Cable Cars’ (SCC) 50th anniversary.

The SkyOrb Cabin is the world’s first spherical cable car cabin, and will soon be open to those in Singapore.

Those riding the new cable cars will get a thrilling view of the island through the glass-bottomed floors.

Meanwhile, the enhanced air ventilation will provide riders with a more comfortable experience.

Each of the seven cable cars will be open to the public from next Wednesday (20 March), with tickets available for sale from the same day.

Grace Fu launches SkyOrb Cabins on 15 March

On Friday (15 March), Minister-in-charge of Trade Relations Grace Fu launched the cabins at Mount Faber Peak as part of SCC’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

Speaking at the launch ceremony, she shared that SCC has long stood out as a prominent tourism icon in the country, being one of its earliest attractions.

“For 50 years, the Singapore Cable Car has continued to serve as a scenic transportation experience for visitors,” she said, sharing that it even gained international exposure through the renowned hit television series, Hawaii 5-0.

Back in 1998, it was the first in the world to launch sky dining in a cable car. The year after, it introduced glass-bottomed cabins, an additional world’s first.

This trend will continue with the SkyOrb Cabins, Ms Fu added, stating:

The next generation of cable cars, the Skyorb Cabins, will give the Singapore cable cars another world’s first as it features a never before seen spherical [design].

Mr Buhdy Bok, managing director of MFLG which operates SCC, described the cabins as a “dazzling spectacle”, with its reflective exterior adding a futuristic element to the skyline.

“With glass-bottomed floors providing breathtaking panoramic views, the journey becomes an immersive experience,” he said.

Mount Faber launches new cable cars with chrome finish

The design of the SkyOrb cabins is a departure from the typical cable car look, with its spherical design and chrome finish offering an avant-garde aesthetic.

Equipped with glass-bottomed floors, visitors can take in captivating views of Singapore below to their hearts’ content.

The cabins have also been fitted with double window louvres at the front and triple windows louvres at the rear, and will be able to seat a total of six visitors.

This enables guests to enjoy enhanced air ventilation, ensuring a smooth journey.

At nighttime, a ring of bright LED lights surrounds the cabin windows as well, casting an illuminating glow that adds to the enchanting Sentosa skyline.

Only seven SkyOrb cabins will be joining the existing fleet, making it an exclusive must-try experience for guests.

Spherical cable cars open to public from 20 March

The design of the cabins was a result of a collaboration between MFLG and renowned Swiss cable car cabin manufacturer CWA.

They will be open for guests to experience from 20 March. Tickets will be available for purchase at the SCC Mount Faber and Sentosa Station ticketing counters on the same day.

Mount Faber Line and Cable Car Sky Pass ticket holders can also opt to upgrade one-way of their round trip between Mount Faber and Sentosa Cable Car Stations to a SkyOrb Cabin experience.

The upgrade will cost S$15 for each visitor on weekdays, and S$20 on weekends and public holidays.

For those interested, here’s how to get to the SCC Mount Faber:

Singapore Cable Car Mount Faber
Address: 109 Mount Faber Rd, Faber Peak, Singapore 099203
Opening hours: 8.45am – 9.30pm daily
Nearest MRT: Harbourfront MRT Station

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Featured image courtesy of Mount Faber Leisure Group and by MS News.

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