Man Counts 7 Tissues From FairPrice Packet Instead Of 10, NTUC FairPrice Urges Him To Contact Them

NTUC FairPrice Urges Man To Send FairPrice Tissue Sample To Assist Investigations

Nobody likes to be shortchanged for something they purchased, even for a product as inexpensive as a packet of tissue.

On Monday (2 Sep), a video was uploaded to All Singapore Stuff’s Facebook page, showing a man finding just 7 sheets of tissues from an NTUC FairPrice packet, instead of 10 as advertised on the packaging.


You can watch the video in full here.

NTUC FairPrice tissues: only 7 sheets instead of 10

At the start of the video, the man claims that his girlfriend had recently bought NTUC FairPrice’s Soft White Facial Tissues.

A frontal view of the tissue packaging shows that it’s supposed to contain 10 sheets of tissues per packet.


He then proceeds to open the packet and starts counting the number of tissues inside.


Instead of counting 10 sheets as advertised, the man found that the packet he had came with only 7 sheets.


Towards the end of the video, the man suggested that his girlfriend could have bought it at a discounted price. Still, he remained adamant that she shouldn’t have been shortchanged.

Shortchanged $0.02 worth of tissues

Sensing how triggered the man was in the video, we decided to carry out our own investigation to find out how much exactly he was ‘shortchanged’.

According to NTUC FairPrice’s online store, 16 packets of the featured tissues cost $0.85. This means each individual packet costs just $0.05.


Now, if the man’s girlfriend was shortchanged 3 sheets of tissues, this means she was essentially charged $0.02 more for each packet of tissue she purchased.

Response to NTUC FairPrice tissue issue

We reached out to NTUC FairPrice for their comments, and they’ve gotten back to us promptly.

In short, NTUC FairPrice said they conducted checks on existing batches of the tissues but found no abnormalities. The company urged the customer behind the video to contact them directly to assist with the investigation.

Here’s their full statement:

As a responsible retailer, product integrity is important to FairPrice and we treat such matters very seriously.

Checks on existing batches did not reveal any abnormalities and we have not received any similar feedback. We appeal to the customer who created the video to contact us directly to assist in our investigation and provide a sample of the product for examination.

Customers who are unsatisfied with any product they have purchased from us may return them for a full refund or exchange.

We would like to take this opportunity to encourage the public not to make inflammatory remarks or circulate unfounded or unverified information, which may cause unnecessary public alarm. We also urge the public to be mindful of information spread on social media and online platforms, and encourage all to verify information directly with the source when in doubt.

For clarifications, consumers may contact us at our Customer Relations Hotline at 6552 2722, through email at or post a comment on our Facebook Page at

Perhaps it was a mistake?

Judging from NTUC FairPrice’s response, it seems that the 7-sheet issue could simply be a packaging mistake. We hope the man will read this, and contact NTUC FairPrice directly so that both parties can work things out.

What do you think of this ‘shortchange’ issue? Let us know in the comments below.

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