Old Chang Kee’s 11.11 Deal Starts At 11am On 11 Nov

11 Nov is fast approaching, and with that comes great deals from many of our favourite stores.

Old Chang Kee (OCK) – every Singaporean’s go-to place for snacks – will also be having an irresistible deal on the day too.


In just 3 days time, you’ll be able to grab 11 snack items for just $11.

Image courtesy of Old Chang Kee

That means each item will only cost just $1.

But you haven’t heard the best part yet.

11 Nov deal applies to all Old Chang Kee snack items

The deal will apply to ALL snack items, including favourites like Curry’O, Sotong Wing OnStik, and Chicken Wings.


Don’t worry about not being able to finish all 11 items by yourself. Put them in the office pantry and we guarantee you they will disappear in the blink of an eye.

But if that doesn’t work out, shoot us an email and we will gladly help to clear them up. Wink.

Starts on 11 Nov from 11am

If you’re already setting a notification on your calendar, do note that the deal is only valid on 11 Nov and starts from 11am.

You can find your nearest OCK outlet here.

As with all other great deals that have taken Singaporean society by storm, do be prepared to queue on the day itself.

But don’t worry, it’ll all be worth it once you have a taste of that crusty curry puff that’s every Singaporean’s favourite.

Featured image adapted from Old Chang Kee and Instagram