Singaporean Man Pleaded Guilty To Not Showing His Passport At Johor Customs

If you’re someone who travels to Malaysia often, here’s something to take note of.

The next time you’re travelling across the Causeway, remember to show your passport to the customs officer on duty. Otherwise, you could get fined or worse, jailed.

On Thursday (11 Jul), a 27-year-old Singaporean man was fined S$820 after he pleaded guilty to not showing his passport when exiting Malaysia.


Failed to show passport at Johor customs

According to The Star, Singaporean manager Mr Muhammad Alfalah Mohd Yusof committed the offence at the Second Link CIQ (Customs, Immigration & Quarantine) Complex on 25 Jun evening.


Here’s what Mr Alfalah had to say, in mitigation at the Sessions Court,

Sorry, I did not get enough rest and was too tired and forgot to stop and show my passport.

He was eventually fined S$820 (RM2,500), but his punishment could have been much worse.

The section of the law which he was charged under carries a maximum fine of S$3,304 (RM 10,000), 5 years’ imprisonment or both, upon conviction.

Singaporeans jailed for overstaying in Malaysia

Others recently charged for similar offences were given much stiffer punishments.

One Singaporean businessman who overstayed for about 55 days was slapped with a hefty $3,304 (RM10,000) fine.

Another couple who overstayed for a month was jailed as they couldn’t pay the fine.

Remember to show your passport

Showing our passports to customs officers on duty may be second nature to many of us, but let’s give Mr Alfalah the benefit of the doubt in this case. Who knows, he could have pulled an all-nighter the day before.

That said, next time you are coming back from Malaysia, remember to show your passport to customs officers and check for stamps, no matter how tired you are.

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