Foodpanda’s Pau-Pau Instagram Filter Lets You Snap Post-Work Selfies With The Cute Mascot

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Pau-Pau Instagram Filter Comes With 3 Different Poses

Bus stop ads, TV ads, and your foodpanda app – you’ve probably seen an adorable pink-and-white panda popping up several times in these places.

The foodpanda mascot, Pau-Pau, does a great job at reminding us to use the platform. But more than an effective symbol, the fuzzy bear has attracted his own legion of fans who can’t resist his poofy cheeks and rotund figure.

Image courtesy of foodpanda & adapted from Tech Daily on Unsplash

Instead of watching him prance across the screen, there’s now a chance for you to interact with the panda and keep a piece of him for yourself.

Thanks to the Pau-Pau Instagram (IG) filter, you can snap selfies with Pau-Pau or have the mascot pose in different corners of your home and workplace like your very own virtual friend.

Your selfies won’t have to be boring, still photos anymore when you can feature Pau-Pau in your boomerangs and IG stories.

Here’s how you can do that and what you can look forward to.

Take pics with Pau-Pau for your IG updates

Funky filters are all the rage on social media these days as they add an element of fun to our regular posts.

Instead of your usual retro film aesthetics, you can try adding a spritz of colour to your snapshots by featuring the most unexpected character – foodpanda’s new mascot, Pau-Pau.

Those who may feel self-conscious about showing your face on IG can have a winking Pau-Pau posing for a photo with you to lighten the mood.

Even if you look exhausted after a long day at work, Pau-Pau will help make both you and your post-work selfie look much livelier.

If you’re the type to update followers on your routine throughout the day, the politely smiling Pau-Pau might be best at capturing your mood on the long journey home from the office.

Image courtesy of foodpanda & adapted from Owen Spencer on Unsplash

Nothing says “I’m tired, but I’m gonna be okay” better than a smiling pink panda standing with his chonky arms by his sides.

Once home, Pau-Pau can make your late, post-work dinners seem less lonely and a lot more appetising, especially with his convincingly delighted expression.

That simple Samyang noodle meal you cooked up will look 10 times more delicious with Pau-Pau’s stamp of approval.

Try out the Pau-Pau Instagram filter

Finding the Pau-Pau filter is as easy as finding your fave restaurants or shops on the foodpanda app.

Simply visit the foodpanda Instagram page and click on the IG filter tab represented by the 3 sparkly icons.


Click on the Pau-Pau figurine and then “Try It” to play around with the different filters.

Whether it’s for a still photo or a video with Pau-Pau spinning around on the spot, you can have the mascot in any setup you like.

Your IG stories will surely get a lot of attention with the impaussibly adorable pink panda making an appearance.

Up your IG game with a new filter

With everyone constantly on the lookout for new trends to hop on, you can be the trendsetter by introducing a new filter they can try on IG.

Once your followers see how on point you are, they’ll definitely keep an eye on your stories and posts for some social media inspo.

Now that you have your IG game in clutch, you can prove to your followers that you’re still hip and happening outside of work, and they can rely on you to share the coolest finds online.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with foodpanda.

Featured image courtesy of foodpanda and adapted from Owen Spencer & Suganth on Unsplash.

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