7 Stars Coffee Shop In Queenstown Closed On 24 Sep Due To Dirty Toilets

When dining at local coffee shops, it’s normal for us to expect that their washrooms aren’t going to be spanking clean.

But coffee shop owners are still tasked with keeping the premises decently hygienic. Otherwise, they would have to face the music after rounds of frequent inspection by the authorities.

Recently, however, a coffee shop in Queenstown was found with dirty toilets on 3 occasions over a 12-month period.


Hence, they were ordered to close for 1 day and fined $1,300.

Queenstown kopitiam closed for 1 day on 24 Sep

According to Singapore Food Agency’s press release last Friday (24 Sep), 7 Stars Coffee Shop at 85 Dawson Road had been ordered to suspend operation for a day.


This came after the kopitiam accumulated 12 demerit points over a period of 12 months.

The demerit points were from all from the same offence of failing to keep their toilets clean. Each offence carries 4 demerit points. No further details were given.

After receiving the notice, the coffee shop suspended operations on 24 Sep itself.

Besides having to close for the day, the coffee shop operators were also fined a total of $1,300 for the offences.

SFA advises customers to avoid patronising food establishments with poor hygiene practices and instead, provide feedback via SFA’s website here or contact them at 6805 2871.

Toilets are extremely clean as of 26 Sep

When visited by Shin Min Daily News reporters on 26 Sep, the toilets reportedly looked extremely clean.

However, a patron pointed out that this wasn’t the case prior to the closure and that the restrooms were grossly unhygienic before.

Others felt that the cleanliness level was still acceptable. One customer even told the Chinese newspaper that before this, he would use the toilets only if he found the conditions to be bearable.

Some also pointed out that the coffee shop experiences high footfall regularly. Hence, we can’t pin the blame entirely on the kopitiam‘s cleaners as they do clean the washrooms from time to time.

Importance of maintaining good hygiene standards

Though it might be unrealistic to expect spotless toilets at our coffee shops, cleanliness levels must still be at an acceptable standard.

The last thing we want is for our restrooms to become a breeding space for pests, which might, in turn, contaminate the hawkers’ food preparation spaces.

Know any coffee shops with extremely dirty toilets? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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Featured image adapted from Google Maps