Elderly Man Suffers A Fall Outside Little India Coffee Shop On 16 Jul

As we age, our bodies become frailer and are prone to injuries if we aren’t careful. In the event of an unfortunate incident, it would help if there were others willing to lend a helping hand.

On 16 Jul morning, an elderly man fell outside a coffee shop at Little India. Seeing this, a kind passer-by went up to him and helped him up onto a chair.


He even took the time to wake the elderly man and ensure he was OK.

Passer-by helps elderly man up at Little India

According to STOMP, the elderly man fell outside a coffee shop in the Tekka area on 16 Jul morning.

Many were walking by at the time and at first, no one stopped to help.

A man then asked the coffee shop staff to lend a helping hand but they simply shrugged it off, saying he was probably just drunk.

Thankfully, a passer-by soon approached the elderly man and helped him up.


As he did this, many others can be seen in the background watching them.

Patiently talks to the elderly man

The kind passer-by then pulled out a chair for the elderly man.

He then leaned forward to talk to the man, trying to make sure he was all right.

elderly man little indiaSource

In a video shared by STOMP, the passer-by could be seen patiently listening to the frail elderly man speak.

At one point in the conversation, the elderly man reached out and gently touched the passer-by’s knee to show his gratitude.

elderly man little indiaSource

Watching their interactions, the man shared with STOMP that he was touched and thought the act of kindness was a very sweet one.

Passer-by’s kindness is truly inspiring

Kudos to the kind-hearted passer-by for going out of his way to help the elderly man. We’re sure he was immensely grateful for it.

It is disheartening to hear that many had apparently turned a blind eye to the elderly man earlier.

Hopefully, the passer-by’s actions would inspire more acts of kindness in our society, so that they may step up to offer help to those in need.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.