Sengkang GrabFood Customer Treats Riders To Ice Cold Drinks On National Day

By now, the video of the Foodpanda rider cruising behind the National Day Mobile Column yesterday (9 Aug) would have already made its rounds on the Internet.

While the crowds lining the streets cheered him on and waved their Singapore flags, a GrabFood customer in Sengkang thought of a different way of saluting food delivery riders.

Since the weather has been particularly hot recently, the customer decided to treat them to some ice cold drinks instead.

Customer was feeling patriotic on National Day

Our healthcare workers had the military vehicle drive and flypasts, but other frontliners haven’t gotten their tributes yet.

Rather than anything grand, sometimes a small and thoughtful gesture leaves a stronger impact. One such gesture from a GrabFood customer yesterday moved a rider to share his encounter on Facebook.


In the heat of the sweltering afternoon, the customer had ordered 10 varieties of ice cold drinks like ice Milo, ice lemon tea and ice kopi.

Knowing how unforgiving the weather has been, even those of us at home would have loved to gulp down every drop of those drinks.

However, they only had a particular group of people in mind — the food delivery riders.

Doing their job in rain or shine, Public Holiday or not, they felt that the riders deserved a token of appreciation as our everyday heroes.

GrabFood riders in Sengkang received free drinks

For Facebook user Mr Syed, he had the pleasure of sharing the customer’s generous treats with his fellow riders within the Sengkang area.

More than just the drinks, the message the customer had left was also a touching one.


Telling the riders that they “are important during this time too”, the customer wished them a “Happy National Day”.

Maybe the next time you order food, consider doing the same for our delivery riders who are our heroes too.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Fill My Passport.