Food Delivery Rider Prays Near Roadside & Parked Bike With Mask On While Taking A Break From Work

The stay home advisory during ‘Circuit Breaker’ has seen many responsible residents staying within the confines of their abodes.

With more people ordering rather than buying things themselves, delivery workers barely have time for a breather.

But this particular food delivery rider decided to put aside just a few minutes of his day to fulfil his prayers, and the sight of it moved many netizens’ hearts.


His show of faith especially during the fasting month of Ramadan brings a positive light amidst challenging times.

Food delivery rider keeps mask on while praying

Taking time out of one’s busy schedule for prayer isn’t easy for some, but for those who can afford to, it becomes a form of relief.

Typically, mosques are the ideal location to perform prayers, but since they are closed indefinitely, workers whose jobs keep them on the move have nowhere to go.


Thankfully, prayer spaces don’t have to be limited to mosques. As long as they are conducive enough, they can serve the same purpose.

For this food delivery rider, a quiet roadside became his space for solace, a safe distance away from anyone around.


Complete with a prayer mat and with his mask on, he sat in silent prayer as his bike stood beside him.

Rider’s dedication moves netizens

Facebook user Izuan shared the scene yesterday (6 May), crediting the photos to his “sgjackrabbit family”. The post has since gone viral with over 2,000 shares at the time of writing.


The sight of the rider praying reminded him of the importance of faith, especially in light of recent circumstances.

That our fortune, health, sustenance is fated by Him and only Him.

Covid-19 has dealt a tough blow on many who’ve experienced pay cuts and even retrenchments.

While some of us who are still working get to do so from the comforts of our homes, others like this rider are still out serving the community, on their own frontlines.

Have faith & stay hopeful despite the challenges

Whether we believe in a greater existence or not, having some form of faith especially during tough times like these can help tide us through.

Even having hope in each other, that we can triumph over Covid-19 soon, is enough to keep our community spirit going.

So let’s do what we can to help Singapore overcome this pandemic, and uplift the nation in this challenging period.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.