Shanmugam Shares Video Of Him Lifting Weights, Netizens Say He’s Their New Fitspo

Shanmugam Shares Video Of Him Lifting Weights Of Up To 105KG At The Gym

It’s no secret that Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam has a strong presence whenever he steps into a room, but who knew he had such physical strength too?

In a video clip posted on his Facebook page today (14 Aug), Mr Shanmugam, or Min Shan as many endearingly know him, showed himself lifting barbells with varying weights.

Offering a peek into his workout routine, he took the chance to remind the public of the importance of exercise.

Minister Shanmugam lifts weights as part of exercise routine

In his post, Min Shan explained that he has been incorporating weight training into his exercise routine for a little more than a year.


Tracking his progress after several months, he demonstrated how he successfully lifted weights in the following order:

  • 80kg
  • 85kg
  • 90kg
  • 105kg

Noting that the final weight of 105kg is 150% of his 70kg frame, his achievement invited many compliments from netizens.

Netizens say Min Shan is their new fitspo

Seeing Min Shan lifting weights at his age and staying active, netizens took to the comments section to express their admiration.


Many agreed that his feat makes him an inspiration, especially to those seeking to adopt a healthier lifestyle.


Others offered him tips to make the exercise safer, as weightlifting can compromise one’s back.


Across the board, however, everyone clearly applauded Min Shan for achieving the feat.

Min Shan reminds netizens of importance of exercise

Compliments aside, the main point of Min Shan’s post seems to be to remind the public of the importance of exercise.

Weight training in particular, according to him, strengthens bones and reduces muscle loss for older folks.


In general, he hopes to encourage more people to exercise, be it through walking, swimming, going to the gym, or just staying mobile.

This is because “[e]xercise is important to keep alert, be efficient at work, and to keep fit.” Not forgetting a healthy diet too.

To keep himself going, Min Shan expresses his intention to try and lift 120kg of weights next.

Hope more people are inspired to stay active

While witnessing Min Shan reaching his weight training goal is inspiring, we hope people will also find the will to start exercising themselves too.

Regardless of how intense the activity may be, keeping active and mobile is important if we want to stay healthy.

If taking Min Shan as your fitspo can get you started on your fitness journey, then carry on. We wish you the best and may you be able to keep up with the routine consistently.

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Featured image adapted from K Shanmugam Sc on Facebook.

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