Shanmugam Responds To ‘Date Own Race’ Video, Says It’s Worrying People Make Racist Remarks Openly

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Shanmugam Expresses Worry Over ‘Date Own Race’ Video & Sentiments

A disconcerting Facebook post of an interracial couple being told to date people of their own race has gone viral.

S’pore Man Told To Date People Of His Own Ethnicity, Calls Out Racist Behaviour In Viral Video

It’s also attracted the attention of Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam.


Calling the events in the video horrible – if they’re accurate – he also worried over how such racist statements are becoming expressed openly here.

Shanmugam calls “date own race” video unacceptable & worrying

If you have not seen it, the video features a man telling an interracial couple that they should date people of their own ethnicity as to do otherwise would be “racist”.


Mr Shanmugam said on Facebook on Sunday (6 Jun) that the sentiments are horrible based on what he saw in the video.

He expressed concern that more people are seemingly finding it acceptable to make such racist statements openly.

The man had given his racist views to the couple in public.

He also noted that some try to explain away the behaviour whenever it happens.

This, he says, is “(quite) unacceptable, very worrying”.

Not sure if Singapore moving in right direction on racial harmony

Given recent incidents, Mr Shanmugam isn’t sure whether Singapore is moving in the right direction in terms of racial tolerance and harmony.

Although he hasn’t taken a harsh stance against the individual – perhaps owing to pending investigations – he has asked for views on the video.

Hope for a harsher stance against racism

Over the months, incidents involving racism, especially against minorities, have been covered extensively in the media.

This is just the latest in a series of what appears to be increasingly brazen behaviour by some members of the public.

We do hope that the authorities can take a stance against such civilians and reinforce that such views are not just unacceptable but also far from the truth.

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