Shell Has Exclusive Oasis Thermal Flasks For UOB Cardmembers To Redeem

Be it working in the office or WFH, we’re used to seeing convenient styrofoam boxes, brown paper packets or plastic containers when it’s time to dabao lunch.

Digging into a serving of ban mian is comforting, but not after you’ve left it out for half an hour while you rush to send an urgent email.

Investing in a flask to keep your food warm doesn’t have to be costly, when you can redeem one for free at any Shell petrol station.

Pay for fuel or any other purchases with your UOB Card, and you won’t only be going home with a full tank, but also a stylish insulated food flask you can use.

1L food flasks keep soups warm & desserts cold

Long days in the office often mean ordering in for lunch and dinner, which entails significant waiting time that may leave your food cold.

Skip the delivery fees by taking away food in a 1L Oasis flask that’ll keep your ABC soup warm all day. You won’t have to miss out on hot meals even if your office has no microwave ovens.

With that much capacity, you’ll have enough to last from lunch till dinner, and maybe even extra to share with your colleagues.

Round off the day’s feastings with some grass jelly or chendol for desserts, which you can keep cold in the flask too.

We’re sure your office mates would appreciate the gesture when you treat them to some classic sweet delicacies.

For those who’ve made resolutions to eat clean this year, these flasks can keep cut fruits fresh, for healthier snacks during your office tea break.

450ml flasks for all-day caffeine supply

Moving from your desk to the pantry to get 5 cups of coffee or tea a day can be distracting when you want to be in the zone for work.

A substantial supply which you can pour into your cup anytime you need will make getting your caffeine fix a lot easier.

No need for an entire dispenser when you can store kopi or teh in a 450ml Oasis flask, which comes in pretty designs to boot.

Drink your teh in style, and keep yourself sufficiently caffeinated throughout the day. Pour some into your friend’s mug too, so they’ll also stay alert at work.

Cleaning the flasks even at your office pantry won’t be a hassle, as the wide mouth means you can scrub the tea stains away easily.

Exclusive Oasis flasks at Shell for UOB Cardmembers

Able to keep contents warm for up to 7 hours, or cold for up to 9 hours, trusty Australian thermal flask brand Oasis is a popular product.

Though Oasis branded items are available at retailers islandwide, Shell is bringing unique designs and sizes you can’t find anywhere else.

The 1L food flasks in particular aren’t retailing at any Singapore stores, so getting your hands on one will be like hitting the jackpot.

Though you’ll have no problem finding the 450ml flasks around, only Shell has them in Hammerstone Blue and Summer Vibes.

Bringing any of these flasks to the next potluck will certainly earn you an approving look from your auntie.

Earn stickers to redeem a free flask till 31 Mar

A good thermal flask may set you back a hefty amount, which you won’t have to part with if you get yours at Shell.

Your regular fuel runs can earn you enough stickers to redeem a free flask, as every $60 spent on Shell Fuel and/or at Shell Select with UOB Cards entitles you to 1 sticker.

Collect the following number of stickers to redeem the respective Oasis flasks while stocks last:

  • 6 stickers – 1L flask (available from 1 Jan)
  • 5 stickers – 450ml flask (available from 1 Feb)

Image courtesy of Shell

Redemption will last till 31 Mar, so you’ll have just over 2 months to try your luck.

Since the promotion is exclusive for UOB cardmembers only, make sure to have your UOB Card ready at checkout.

To find out more about the promo, visit Shell’s website here and follow them on Facebook. You can also check out UOB’s website here and their Facebook.

Dabao hot meals to office every day

Having a warm and hearty meal to dig into in the recent cold weather is a comfort we can all appreciate.

Enjoying that luxury within the walls of our workspace is even lovelier, as we indulge in spoonfuls of food that taste as good as though they were fresh off the stove.

If there’s any way to start treating yourself right this new year, getting a thermal flask might just be the answer.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Shell.

Featured image by MS News.