Instagrammer Rates S’pore Public Toilets Because He/She “Pees A Lot”

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Singapore Toilet Rater On Instagram Rates Our Public Toilets

People’s passions are diverse. Some have a passion for rating food, others for rating films, cars, pools, holiday places and so on.

But one Singaporean Instagrammer appears to have a passion for rating public toilets in Singapore.

Going by the handle “the_ultimate_toilet_rater“, she’s been rating public toilets regularly since the start of 2019. We think it’s a ‘she’ behind the page because there has not been a single picture of a urinal.

Here’s her review for a toilet in Downtown East.


Many factors are considered

This page isn’t just about saying if a toilet is good or bad — it adds value by considering things like if there are greens beautifying the excretion space.


She also gives the toilet extra points if the cubicles are sound-proof. No one likes the loud ‘ploop’ of a poop escaping the four walls of the cubicle.


It wasn’t surprising that Jewel Changi Airport toilets took the 10/10 crown with its impressive aesthetic.


But then the user chanced upon the toilet at 313 Somerset and changed her mind about who deserves the top spot on the list of tantalising toilets.


But in the end, what really matters is that you have a great and pleasant experience while emptying your bowels.


The next time you use a public toilet, remember not to leave a mess. A nice, clean, functional toilet could well make someone else’s day.

If you have any public toilets you think deserve social media shine, drop “the_ultimate_toilet_rater” a message.

Featured image from Instagram.

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