Internship In India Will Pay You ~S$1,900 To Sleep 9 Hours A Day For 100 Days

Internship In India Lets You Sleep On The Job & Still Get Paid

For those who’ve been through an internship or two, you would probably be familiar with a set of rules to follow — be punctual, no skiving and the list goes on.

And if there’s one huge ‘boo boo’ we know about being an intern, it is to never sleep on the job.

Imagine falling asleep at your desk just to be woken up by your supervisor. Yikes.


However, if you find yourself constantly craving sleep even when you’re working, here’s a perfect job for you.

According to India Today, Indian mattress company Wakefit Innovations is looking for professional sleep interns to monitor people’s sleep patterns.

Sleep 9 hours/day for 100 days, 7 nights a week.

As a sleep intern, you’re expected to sleep a total of 9 hours a day for 100 days, 7 nights a week.

Sleep interns will be provided with a mattress in the office and all you have to do is sleep “as long as you can, as deep as you can.”


You will be required to put on a sleep tracker while you sleep. The company will then track your sleeping pattern before and after using their house-brand mattresses.

Salary of S$1,900 for those who ‘sleep properly’

By now, you might be thinking what’s so hard with having to sleep for 9 hours straight? Well, the catch here is, you are not allowed to use your phones or laptops at all.


That also means, for 9 hours, you’ll be missing out on family conversations, Instagram updates and life in general. But hey, you’ll be asleep anyway, so there really isn’t much to lose.

If you’re able to stick to the rules and have proper sleep throughout your internship, you will be awarded with a ‘salary’ of about S$1,900 (100,000 Indian rupees).


Sign up to hone your sleeping skills

Those interested to further hone your sleeping skills can fill up a short application form here. Last we checked, they are not rejecting international applicants so Singaporeans can apply too.

However, do look through a list of their requirements to check if you’re qualified to sleep for a living.

Know someone who’s up for the challenge? Tag them in the comments below.

Feature images adapted from Gulf News.

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