Korea Sleeping Contest Rewards Participant Who Has Longest & Deepest Sleep In Seoul Forest

The satisfaction one gets from sleeping needs no further elaboration. Sadly, studies, work and possibly parenthood are robbing us of precious slumber time.

So, off days are usually best spent repaying our sleep debt.


If you’ve dreamt of being rewarded for treating your body well, it’s not a far-fetched idea at all thanks to Korea.

They’re about to hold their 4th “sleeping competition” at the end of the month in the serene setting of a forest.


That’s not the best part yet. This year’s first place winner will take home 500,000 won, which is around S$576.

We’re getting excited. As if sleeping in a soju bottle wasn’t revolutionary enough.

Korea is taking sleep time more seriously

According to Oriental Daily, Korea acknowledges that people have trouble getting enough sleep due to life’s pressures.


We’re sure Singaporeans can fully relate with this too. It’s hard to escape from headlines that highlight our high stress levels, after all.

This is how the sleeping contest aims to make a difference. Organisers want participants to use this as a precious chance to get the proper rest they deserve.


Some benevolent being in Singapore, please take note.

Organisers to provide sleeping essentials

The sleeping contest will be held on 23 Jun at Seoul Forest — the city’s 3rd largest park.

Though frankly, we wish it was at Marina Bay.


All participants will receive sleep supplies, such as sleeping bags, eye masks and pillows. Just pick a spot in this vast sleeping haven and you’re good to go.


Person who deep sleeps the longest, wins

You can’t cheat your way through this competition if you’re thinking about pretending to sleep under the eye masks.

Apparently participants have their sleep measured according to heartbeat rates.


The person who maintains a steady, slow heartbeat, and sleeps the deepest and longest, is the winner of the contest. The coveted cash prize will be theirs.

Meanwhile, runner-ups will receive specially customised pillows.

8,500 people took part in 2018

Something as life-changing as a sleeping contest is bound to attract a lot of attention. A whopping total of 8,500 people signed up last year.

This year, only 70 people will be selected for the 23 Jun contest.


Perhaps it’s too much to check on so many people’s heart rates at one go.

Registration for this year’s contest is already closed. The lucky 70 will be announced on Thursday (13 Jun).

But if you are heading to Seoul during the time of the sleeping contest, you will get to bear witness to the rare – and enviable – sight of 70 people sleeping in Seoul Forest.

Sleeping contest or not, try to get 7-8 hours of sleep

Go, Korea. Meanwhile, we are still waiting to see if Singapore will get a sleeping contest of our own soon.


But for now, do get the recommended 7 to 8 hours of sleep — doctor’s orders.

What do you think about having a sleeping contest in Singapore? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Featured image from Oriental Daily and Instagram.