Spring Starbucks Tumblers Have Intricate Cherry Blossoms & Hummingbird Motifs

Spring Starbucks Tumblers Out On 20 Feb At All Stores

This spring, Starbucks Singapore intends to let us enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the sakura season without even needing to go to Japan.

Perhaps you might want to load up your Starbucks gift card in preparation for what you’re going to read.

Dreamy cherry blossom merch

Starbucks is launching a Spring Merchandise Collection emblazoned with delicate sakura designs to let us live out our spring fantasies.

The new merchandise is inspired by 2 kinds of cherry blossom trees, the Oriental Cherry Blossom and the Donarium Cherry Blossom.

This collection of tumblers and cups not only look pretty-in-pink, but are perfect eco-friendly alternatives to getting a plastic dabao bag for your kopi.

From left to right: Pink Petals collection

  • Stainless Steel Tumbler, 12oz: $39.90
  • Water Bottle, 18.5oz: $29.90
  • Create-Your-Own-Tumbler, 16oz: $26.90
  • Cold Cup, 12oz: $32.90

Adorned with subtle but intricate cherry blossoms hues, these tumblers will pair nicely with your all-pink ensemble at work.

From left to right: Blush collection

  • Water Bottle, 16oz: $24.90
  • Tumbler, 12oz: $22.90
  • Tumbler, 12oz: $26.90

Looking for a non-translucent bottle so no one will know if you are sneaking a drink in the middle of the day? We have our eyes on the charming white cold cup with hummingbird motifs. Guaranteed to make even the most unglam drink, look incredibly classy.

From left to right: Light collection

  • Water Bottle, 25oz: $29.90
  • Stainless Steel Tumbler, 16oz: $44.90
  • Cold Cup, 16oz: $36.90

Pair up your chosen tumbler with this Spring Blossom Bearista Bear ($32.90) if you’re just looking for a little extra love from a cuddly friend.

These adorable teacups ($29.90 each) under the Blossom collection harken back to the times you played masak masak with colourful plastic IKEA cups. Only now, you get to be high-SES and enjoy your tea out of a legit teacup — rimmed with falling sakura petals.

New gift cards & denim tote bags

Those who are hardcore Starbucks gift card collectors will love the brand new spring designs, all with a minimum load value of $10.

This version is a definitely a keeper, with an delightful depiction of a hummingbird in mid-flight amongst a cluster of flowers.

This depiction of cherry blossoms being blown in the wind is so pretty, you might just want to get one for yourself too.

And for those seeking new bags to keep all your essentials, look no further than their stylish denim tote bags ($21.90) available in 2 shades.

New spring beverages

Starbucks’ star beverage flavours this season include Sakura Rose Mocha Frappuccino, Triple Citrus Cold Brew, and Cascara Macchiato.

The Sakura Rose Mocha Frappuccino is exclusive to Singapore, and is made up of rose, chocolate, milk and ice topped with mocha sauce and pretty pink Sakura chocolate flowers. For the tall-sized blended drink, it costs $7.90.

The Triple Citrus Cold Brew pairs their classic Cold Brew with the tartness of citrus flavours from lemonade, lime, grapefruit. For the tall iced beverage, it costs $6.90.

And the Cascara Macchiato combined freshly steamed milk with subtly sweet cascara syrup, which is then marked with espresso and finished with cascara sauce and a dash of Turkish coffee. The tall hot/iced version costs $7.40, while the tall blended one costs $7.90.

All you want this spring

In sunny Singapore, we’re sure these floral tumblers will be a beautiful reminder that spring is all around us.

Head down to your nearest Starbucks stores to grab your favourite design before they sell out!

All images courtesy of Starbucks Singapore.

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