Man Spots Starfish & Sea Cucumbers Along Changi Beach, Striking Sight Found During Low Tides

Man Spots Colourful Starfish & Sea Cucumbers At Changi Beach During Low Tide

Although Singapore may feel like a concrete jungle with tall skyscrapers and few signs of wildlife, the truth cannot be further.

This Singaporean man shows how our island city is teeming with incredible wildlife and marine life — if we just look in the right places.

Starfish along Changi Beach will leave you starstruck

The netizen shares that he took a stroll along Changi Beach and chanced upon these treasures of nature.





Fun fact, starfishes can actually be found on most of our shores. Singapore’s northern shores seem to have the widest variety of starfishes.

Sea cucumbers like you have never seen them

The netizen also shared photos of sea cucumbers that he spotted. These wondrous beauties of nature defy the stereotypical plain-looking sea cucumbers we typically see.

He mentions that these sea cucumbers are “probably not edible”.





A bright and colourful appearance usually means these sea cucumbers are toxic or foul tasting.

Starfish & sea cucumbers only found at low tide

The prime time and place to spot these magnificent sea creatures is at intertidal areas during predawn low tides.

The netizen adds that ideally, the tide needs to be as low as 0 to 0.1 metres.

You can find low tide timings on National Environment Agency’s website.

Singapore’s thriving marine life

These stunning sea creatures are defying the rhetoric that our island city lacks wildlife and marine life. Heck, even the world’s deadliest animal – the box jellyfish – was spotted in our waters last week.

If you’re interested in marine life, you can head over to Changi Beach to see if you can spot them.

Have you encountered any interesting wildlife or marine life in Singapore? Share your photos with us in the comments below.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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