People Are Stealing Supermarket Trolleys To Bring Home Supplies, Says Man On Facebook

Nothing sparks more grocery hoarding than when the Prime Minister makes an announcement about Covid-19. But a side effect of this panic buying has been, apparently, the pushing of trolleys home.

You can’t bring trolleys out of supermarket boundaries. Firstly, it means most won’t return them. Secondly, abandoned trolleys under void decks is a sad sight.

Each trolley costs hundreds of dollars to replace. Also, trolleys need to be with their kin, they can’t be separated!


A Singaporean man witnessed 2 others carrying their 3-month wartime supplies back from Sheng Siong in Jalan Bahar and well, he wasn’t pleased.


Because even our ah mas bring their own trolley to the supermarket!

Bringing home supermarket trolleys deprives others who need them

The Singaporean, Mr Chew, appeared to be on a moving vehicle when he saw the 2 men lugging several full bags of groceries.


The sight disgusted him enough that he made the post.

In this time of panic and fear, everyone will naturally wish to stock up, that’s perfectly normal. But if you can’t carry home the stuff you bought, you probably bought too much.

And if your solution to that is to steal the supermarket trolley – yes, it’s stealing even if you return them afterwards – then shame on you, he says.

Every trolley taken home is one less trolley for shoppers and most likely one less for the supermarket, as the trolley is unlikely to be returned.

Though those who return the trolleys are an exception, taking them out of supermarket premises isn’t right in the first place, so let’s be more responsible.

Buy only what you need & what you can carry

We urge people to not take the trolleys outside of the supermarket premises. Warnings have been given in the past and it’s anti-social behaviour in general.

Sheng Siong even lost more than $100,000 in stolen trolleys, per an AsiaOne report.

Regardless of the circumstances these men may be in, they really should consider alternatives to taking supermarket property.

Be like your ah ma, bring your own trolley if you’re gonna hoard!

Featured image adapted from Facebook and A Day In SG.