Teo Heng KTV Gives Couches To The Needy, Recipients Say They Are Comfortable & Good Quality

Singapore’s KTV staple Teo Heng Studios, announced the swansong of their 7 branches last Thursday (27 Jul).

As our once KTV-heavyweight dismantled their branches, they have one performance left to deliver — disassembling their couches and giving it to the needy.

Comfy couches that had your back

Everyone who patronised Teo Heng KTV studios would remember the couches which supported them through long hours of belching out off-key tunes.

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Comfortable and sturdy, these seats had the backs – and butts – of all aspiring songsters. Now, they will be going to the homes of the needy.

Rich Sng, a volunteer from Keeping Hope Alive, recently posted how Teo Heng had taken the effort to send down 40-50 sets of their couches to their beneficiaries.


A team of 6 employees in trademark Teo Heng shirts could be seen delivering these couches to a communal void deck area, where Mr Sng and his team would then send to select homes.

Sat well with the beneficiaries

Mr Sng also took down feedback from recipients of these couches.

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In the videos that he had taken, some had commented that the couches are comfortable, sturdy, and of good quality.

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The seats are also stain resistant and the fun-sized couches also fit perfectly into their small homes.

2 branches vacated, 5 more to go

According to Teo Heng founder Jackson Teo, the lease of the OG Katong and Sembawang outlets are expiring in August, and they won’t be renewed.

He had told Shin Min Daily News that plans to close half of their 14 branches are under works — a move in order to survive the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ever since the start of Circuit Breaker in 7 Apr, many businesses have faced the uphill task of staying afloat, some more so than others. It is indeed a disheartening cause to see a much-beloved KTV staple to go under way.

Health is of utmost priority, however we still hold out the hope that the pandemic will abate to a point where it will be safe for entertainment places to do business and stay afloat.

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