Marina Square Music Store Closes Down, Holds Massive Sale To Pay Staff Salaries

The Music Platform Is Having Closing Down Sale With Up To 60% Off Instruments & Books

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the livelihoods of many Singaporeans. Some of the hardest-hit workers are from the music industry, who are now unable to hold physical lessons and performances.

The Music Platform, a music store in Marina Square, is holding a closing down sale from 20-29 Jun to help pay off staff salaries and booking fees.


Named “NON-ESSENTIAL SALE”, instruments like pianos, violins and digital keyboards will be sold at up to 60% off.


Here’s what you can expect.

The Music Platform has wide range of upright pianos

Parents whose children are picking up the piano will be thrilled by the wide selection of upright pianos available.

This model from American brand Kohler and Campbell is available at $7,800, a 12% discount off its original price.

KMV48ME, For illustration purposes 

Those on a budget can consider going for a second-hand piano instead, from as low as $1,300.

2nd hand Yamaha MC 301 — $4,990

Violins for budding Perlmans and Heifetzs

The Music Platform also has violins on sale for budding Perlmans and Heifetzs.

Full-sized violins made from as early as the 1900s are available at various price points.

2nd hand Tihomir Staynov Atelier 2018 — $6,000 

There are also smaller-sized fiddles for younger players. This model from Synwin is among the most affordable at $110, $50 off its original $160 price tag.

1/10 Synwin SV1005 

Guitars and ukelele for those who picked them up during CB

The ‘Circuit Breaker’ (CB) might have forced us to discover new hobbies as we stay home for the better part of 2 months. If you happened to develop a passion for the guitar or ukelele during this period, you might want to consider copping yourself a new instrument from the sale.

This guitar from Enya is pretty affordable at $179 but is made of some pretty high-quality material.

Enya Amari 318C Guitar

Those who prefer playing the ‘smaller brother’ of the guitar can choose from 2 brands of ukuleles — Enya and Uma Taiwan. Prices start at $99.

Uma Taiwan UK05ST-E — $179 

Resources to prep you for aural test

Sitting for a music theory test is just like preparing for any other major examination — you’ll need tons of practice to ace it.

Music assessment books by Lina Ng are filled with adorable drawings that will make theory homework fun for your ‘lil ones. These are available from $3.60 per book.


The aural test can easily be the most intimidating part of the practical exam. After all, decisions must be made on the spot, and you never know which passages will be played prior to the test.

Prep for the test by investing in some ABRSM Specimen Aural Tests books and practising constantly.


Proceeds from The Music Platform sale will go towards staff salaries & booking fees.

Folks from The Music Platform appear to be in the midst of compiling the full list products on sale. That said, you can still check out the pianos, guitars and ukuleles on sale via the album here.

Other items like digital keyboards are also available, so we advise following them on Facebook and keeping your eyes peeled for more updates and live streams.

All proceeds from the sale will go towards paying their staff and refunding artists whom they’ve booked.

Check out sale if you’re looking for new instrument

If you’re looking for a new instrument or resources to help ace your music exam, do check out the extensive range of items

It’s sad that music stores like The Music Platform are closing during these difficult times, but we’re nonetheless heartened that they remain committed to paying their staff and artists whom they’ve engaged.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.  

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