TOYOGO Warehouse Sale Has Up To 80% Off Boxes & Cabinets To Store Your Barang-Barang

toyogo warehouse sale

TOYOGO Warehouse Sale Has Massive Discounts On Storage Containers & Other Homeware

In the two years that the pandemic has rendered many of us homebound, we’ve probably developed the habit of shopping online, accumulating more purchases than our existing wardrobes and drawers can handle.

If you’ve realised that your orders have piled up into a mountain of parcels, it’s high time you find a real place for them to call home.

Luckily for you, TOYOGO is having a warehouse sale with massive discounts on storage boxes, cabinets, and more.

TOYOGO Warehouse Sale

Image courtesy of TOYOGO

Prices of more than a thousand products will be reduced, with some even going for as much as 80% off. Here’s what you can expect at the sale.

Portable cabinets combine storage & mobility

As we outgrew our furniture throughout the years, we made space for our knick-knacks by getting new cabinets or dressers that set us back a pretty penny.

But when adulting calls for a tighter budget and quicker solutions, some sturdy plastic storage cabinets should do the trick.

That’s where TOYOGO‘s 4-Tier Cabinet With Wheels comes along, offering you portable storage that you can place anywhere in your home.

TOYOGO 4-Tier Cabinet With Wheels

4-Tier Cabinet With Wheels – S$25 (U.P. S$60 each)
Image courtesy of TOYOGO

Made of a thick-walled, durable, and non-toxic material, the cabinet should be able to hold the barang-barang you’ve collected from your monthly online shopping hauls.

And since it has wheels, you can easily move the cabinet around whenever you feel like it. Furthermore, it comes in neutral, earthy colours, which blend well with any home aesthetic.

Stow your clutter away in storage boxes

While pretty cabinets with handles offer easy access to the things you need, you might prefer traditional storage boxes to stow away your excess mess.

To help you with that, TOYOGO has a range of storage boxes in various volumes, ranging from 13 litres all the way till 203 litres.

TOYOGO Storage Box

Storage Box (59 Litres) – S$9 (U.P. S$20.50)
Image courtesy of TOYOGO

If you don’t want anyone to see just how much junk you’ve hoarded, you can always forego the translucent boxes for the pastel ones that come in colours like mint and baby blue.

Since the boxes will be on a massive discount, there’s no harm grabbing two or more in case you need them. They stack perfectly on top of each other, so that’s less floor space you have to give up for your clutter.

Pull out chairs for when extra guests come over

Now that you’ve ‘Marie Kondo-ed’ your clutter, you won’t have to feel paiseh about having guests over, and with social gathering limits lifted, the more the merrier it’ll be.

Having extra chairs in different corners of the house will be great for parties or feasts. These Stackable Adult Chairs from TOYOGO will ensure that everyone has somewhere to sit and rest when they’re eating or just chatting with friends.

Stackable Adult Chair

Stackable Adult Chair – 4 for S$29 (U.P. S$20.90 each)
Image courtesy of TOYOGO

At just S$29 for four chairs, you’ll have no worries buying as many as you need for the upcoming gathering you’re hosting.

Cleaning up after will be convenient too, as you can simply stack the chairs on top of each other and keep them away for the next occasion.

Foldable tables lets us have meals anywhere

Hosts who like to go the extra mile to ensure their guests’ comfort may want to get foldable tables too, so they’ll have somewhere to place their cups and plates.

For that purpose, TOYOGO‘s Foldable Table, which comes in both square and round shapes, will accommodate your guests’ needs.

Grey Foldable Table

Grey Foldable Table (Round/Square) – S$29 (U.P. S$88)
Image courtesy of TOYOGO

Lightweight but sturdy, the table will allow your guests to dine with ease without having to balance their utensils in their hands.

Moreover, the sleek PP plastic surface means you can bring these portable pieces to BBQs or picnics and not worry about having to do much cleaning after.

Separate your laundry in baskets

After any social event, you’re bound to have lots of cleaning to do, including dirty linen and sweaty clothes.

Instead of letting them pile up and stink, you can air your laundry in TOYOGO‘s Handy Laundry Basket, which has ventilation holes to let any unpleasant odours evaporate.

Handy Laundry Basket

Handy Laundry Basket – S$5 (U.P. S$13)
Image courtesy of TOYOGO

For only S$5 each, you can even get one basket for every family member’s room, so they can dump all their dirty clothes responsibly.

Just make sure whoever’s on laundry duty remembers to clear all the baskets before starting up the washing machine.

Access hard-to-reach places on sturdy ladders

Amidst all the storing and cleaning, you’re bound to stash your items away in hard-to-reach places, often above eye-level and out of sight.

TOYOGO‘s 6-Step Thick Frame Aluminium Ladder will come in handy in such situations, granting you access to shelves that even tiptoeing won’t help you reach.

6-Step Thick Frame Aluminium Ladder

6-Step Thick Frame Aluminium Ladder – S$65 (U.P. S$127)
Image courtesy of TOYOGO

With the steps climbing up to 136cm and made of a thick, long-lasting material, you can count on the ladder to offer you stability.

Having this ladder on hand will therefore be essential, especially for quick clean-ups or repairs around the house.

TOYOGO Warehouse Sale happening from 1 to 7 May

These deals are a mere fraction of the thousands of offerings available at the TOYOGO Warehouse Sale.

TOYOGO Warehouse Sale

Image courtesy of TOYOGO

Back after two years, the massive sale will run for a week from 1 to 7 May, with flash deals happening every day.

Here’s where you can go snooping for the best homeware deals:

TOYOGO Warehouse Sale 2022
Address: 23 Lorong 8 Toa Payoh, Singapore 319257
Opening Hours: 12pm – 7.30pm daily
Nearest MRT: Toa Payoh Station

Here’s a clearer view of the area, in case you need to identify the landmarks nearby:

TOYOGO Warehouse Sale 2022

Image courtesy of TOYOGO

To keep track of the flash deals, follow TOYOGO on Facebook and Instagram throughout the duration of the sale. You can also make purchases online via their website here if you’d prefer to shop from the comfort of your home.

Keep your home neat & stress-free

When things get a little overwhelming sometimes, a round of spring cleaning can help ease our minds as decluttering our homes can be a calming activity.

Moreover, you’ll end up with a neater abode that you can fully relax in, so that’s a huge bonus.

Start with clearing up your barang-barang and freeing up space so you can breathe easy and live more comfortably.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with TOYOGO.

Featured image courtesy of TOYOGO.

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