TPG Mobile Offers 20GB For $5 SIM-Only Plans For Seniors To Right-Size Their Phone Bills

TPG Seniors Plan Requires No Contracts & Registration Fees

2020 taught us the importance of staying connected. For senior citizens in the society, that means learning how high-tech things like smartphones and the Internet work.

While mum and dad have had no trouble figuring out WhatApps WhatsApp, ah ma and ah gong may still need help with the basics.


That’s why starting them on a fuss-free plan like the TPG Seniors Plan will make the process easier.

With unlimited data, as well as substantial call minutes and local SMSes at only $5, they won’t need to worry about dipping into their savings to stay connected.

TPG Seniors Plan come with 300 call minutes & 30 SMSes

Since we started adulting, meeting with ah ma and ah gong has become a rare occurrence. For some, visits could even be limited to special occasions like Chinese New Year.

But for old folks who miss their grandchildren, these once- or twice-a-year reunions won’t cut it. Even a long chat over the phone every now and then would be nice.


To stay in their good books and not just their phone books, you should try your best to make that possible for them.

Getting a simple mobile phone isn’t enough, as you have to make sure that they’re able to reach you with it.

As they’ll likely be calling more than texting, 300 local call minutes and 30 local SMSes under TPG Seniors Plan should suffice.

Once they have a SIM card that serves these basic purposes, you can save your contact info for them as ‘Favourite Grandchild’ so they can contact you easily.

Unlimited data for only $5/month

Meanwhile, seniors who’ve adjusted well may have started going online, planning their next lim kopi session in group chats.

If you want them to have enough data to reply to your WhatsApp text among the 100+ others, an unlimited data plan is the way to go.


For only $5 over 30 days, TPG Seniors Plans will give ah ma 20GB of speedy 4G mobile data to tank all her motivational morning messages.

Even if she exceeds the 20GB due to endless text chains with her mahjong kakis, she can still go online, albeit at a slower speed.

Spamming your aunts and uncles will no longer be an issue, as she won’t incur extra data charges.

No need for contracts or registration fees

Getting the hang of this phone thing is already a huge hurdle to overcome, so signing a contract would be the last thing on ah gong’s mind.

Thankfully, he won’t have to deal with forms and blotchy pens, as the TPG Seniors Plan requires no contracts. This means he’ll never have to know the headache of settling re-contract fees or penalty fees for late termination.


TPG has taken away registration fees too, to make acquiring a SIM card that much easier.

All you have to do for ah gong is sign him up for a SIM card, and you’ll be good to go.

Help your grandparents register online or in-store

The Seniors Go Digital Mobile Plan is exclusively for Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents (PRs) aged 60 and above.

Considering that most of our grandparents can qualify, you might want to consider getting one for them.

Image courtesy of TPG Mobile

You may visit TPG’s website here, for more detailed information about the plan.

Since the plan covers only 30 days,it’d have to be renewed manually, which you can do online. Failure to do so will result in an eventual suspension.

But we’re sure renewal will be no trouble, since the cost will be $5 till 31 Jul, after which TPG will revert to the usual price of $10 for every 30 days.

To register, you may bring your grandparents to a TPG store, or apply for a SIM card online here, and arrange for pick-up.

The full list of collection and application points is available on TPG’s website.

Keep the entire family connected

There’s no time more crucial than now to strengthen our bonds with family, as circumstances have shown how fleeting life can be.

Therefore, to stay connected, making sure that everyone has a means of keeping in touch is key.


Regardless of the obstacles that life throws our way, keeping our family close – if not physically, then at least virtually – is something achievable with a hassle-free mobile plan.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with TPG Mobile.

Featured image adapted from Freepik.

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