Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple On Waterloo Street Reopens With Limited Hours From 27 Jul

Devotees of Guanyin Ma – the Goddess of Mercy – can look forward to seeking blessings at Waterloo Street again.

Starting 27 Jul, Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple announced that they will be reopening, albeit with limited hours and a soon-to-be implemented entry ticket system.


If there are problems in life that weigh your heart down, you can seek bobi from the temple again next week. So, do pay attention to the new schedule of their opening hours.

Waterloo Street temple reopens on Mondays to Thursdays

For the first 2 weeks after reopening, the temple will reopen on Mondays to Thursdays only, from 7am-6.30pm, according to the notice below.


This means you can plan your visits between 27-30 Jul, and 3-6 Aug.

Entry ticket system starts from 7 Aug

Starting 7 Aug, however, visits will be allowed via an entry ticket system for better crowd control and safe distancing.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, visiting hours are split into day and night sessions. You will have to notify the temple through designated email addresses depending on your planned time of visit.

  • Friday 7 Aug morning –
  • Friday 7 Aug evening –
  • Saturday 8 Aug morning –
  • Saturday 8 Aug evening –
  • Sunday 9 Aug morning –
  • Sunday 9 Aug evening –

How to email

Here’s a guide on drafting the email up:

  • Enter full name of visitor as per NRIC as email subject
  • You can leave the rest of the email blank
  • Only 1 name per email

Each session only allows a limited number of visitors, so not every applicant will be successful in getting an entry ticket.

As for the opening hours and entry requirements after 10 Aug, more details will be announced in due time.

Worshippers can seek good luck again

Having been closed since ‘Circuit Breaker’, the temple’s reopening will surely come as good news to many devotees seeking good luck during these challenging times.

After all, the Covid-19 crisis and partial lockdown period have caused immense stress to the lives of many.

Covid-19 Crisis May Impact Our Mental Health, But Support From Friends & Family Will Help

Hopefully, worshippers will be blessed with the good luck they have been wishing for since April. When you’re there, do continue to be socially responsible by keeping good hygiene and a safe distance from others.

Are you looking forward to the temple’s reopening? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Featured image adapted from National University of Singapore.