Covid-19 Crisis May Impact Our Mental Health, But Support From Friends & Family Will Help

Covid-19 Crisis May Affect More Than Our Physical Health

While we are aware of what Covid-19 does to our physical health, side effects on our mental health have yet to be discussed.

According to an article by The New Paper (TNP), anxiety, depression and fear can manifest as a severe result of physiological effects from the pandemic.


These issues affect citizens from all walks of life, but strong social support could be the remedy people need to get the better of it.

No citizen is spared from worry…

From children to adults, no one is getting through the pandemic without being worried about something. Measures — like work from home and safe distancing — to combat the virus have caused severe disruption of day-to-day life.

It has even put the world into a global recession, leaving many worried about that the pandemic could mean for their livelihoods.

…but help is all around

Employees in Singapore worry about the possibility of retrenchment and unemployment.

With the economy predicted to shrink by 1-4% in 2020, this is a valid concern. School, workplace & F&B closures will also begin this week.


Thankfully, the government has already launched 2 budgets totalling S$55 billion to help citizens tide through this crisis.

Minister Heng Swee Keat is also due to announce a slew of new budget updates at 2pm on Monday (6 Apr), to help citizens pull through these tough times.

Coping with mental health issues during this time of uncertainty

With all these issues coming to a head, one wonders on the impact the stress may have on an individual’s mental health.

More than ever, support from friends and family will be timely to work through our problems together. Here are some tips from global health authorities on how to mitigate stress and negativity, arising from this health crisis.

Friends and family are essential sources of support

Reducing stress by connecting with others to talk about your concerns & feelings may help ease the load on your mental health, shares the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Confiding in your loved ones provides a support system that will give you the strength to carry on, even when times are tough.

One could also indulge in your hobbies to de-stress. Taking care of your personal health by eating, sleeping and exercising well is also important.

A silver lining for this very dark cloud

Although all the very apparent negatives may form a very dark cloud, we cannot neglect the silver lining that comes along with it.

Due to social distancing, we’ll be in the proximity of our immediate family for longer hours.

Let’s take time to enjoy the company of our loved ones while we’re all in the same space, and make the best of the situation presented to us.

We just might find more silver linings while we’re at it.

Featured image adapted from HealthHub.

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