Yishun Mask Lady Adds A Little Fright To The Estate

Yishun has long held the title of Singapore’s strangest estate.

Local actress Wendy Toh is adding more mystery into the mix with oversized masks borrowed from nightmares and diabolic dreamscapes.

Increasing ‘pooped my pants’ rate since 2019

Just a ‘regular’ resident

Ms Toh wears the masks to do pretty much what every ordinary Yishun resident does.

She wears them to wait for the midnight bus.


She wears them to pick out fruits and vegetables at the wet market.


She wears them to the void deck to enjoy the nightly breeze.


She wears them to have a little fun in the supermarket aisle.


Masks originally for theatre performance

In an interview with AsiaOne, Ms Toh revealed that the masks were originally for a “theatre performance about consumerism”. But leaving them aside was a waste. So she decided to wear them out.

Every mask is handcrafted by Ms Toh herself using recyclable materials like ropes, boxes and IKEA bags.

Fear not, Yishun

Ms Toh also mentioned wanting to make more of such masks and wear them out.

So if you ever see someone – or something – with a disproportionately large and mangled head, just give a friendly wave. It’s probably Ms Toh.

But in case it doesn’t wave back, you should probably stop waving too.

Featured image from Instagram.