KitKat Ice Cream Sticks Now In M’sia Are All You Need When Having A Break

Have A Break With KitKat Ice Cream Sticks Now Available In Malaysia

I love KitKat, you love KitKat, my neighbour loves KitKat, we all love KitKat.

Now that the categorical fact has been established, let’s introduce the latest addition to the KitKat family — an ice cream stick.


These are now available in Malaysia, so if you’re heading over for a break, this is something you should not miss out on.

Available at Malaysia petrol kiosks

Like most chocolate ice cream bars, it has a cocoa coating which gives way to vanilla ice cream filling the moment you bite into it.

KitKat Ice CreamSource

Vanilla pairs as well with chocolate as a sock with a house elf. So vanilla ice cream and crunchy KitKat coating? We’ll let you have the final say.

KitKat Ice CreamSource

According to PixTalk, the ice cream bar was found at a Petronas petrol station in Malaysia and was going for S$1.50 (RM4.50).

KitKat Ice CreamSource

Have a break with these ice cream bars

Apparently, the ice cream has been out for some time. It came out in UK earlier in the year. But the ones in the UK were slimmer. Not sure why they have a differently shaped one in Malaysia.

KitKat Ice CreamSource

Anyway, while you’re in Malaysia, don’t miss out the chance to grab this dessert, so you can savour all that vanilla ice cream and KitKat coating with chunky bits too.

Featured images adapted from Instagram and KL Foodie

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