KitKat Now Has Edamame Shake Flavour So You Can Trick Yourself Into Eating Greens

Edamame Shake KitKat Available In Sendai Japan From 1 Dec Onwards

We recently learnt that Nestle teamed up with Tokyo Banana, releasing a new Gold Tokyo Banana KitKat.

Fast forward a week later on Wednesday (27 Nov), SoraNews24 announced that Nestle has collaborated with famous Japanese company Zunda Saryo to bring us a Zunda Shake KitKat.


For those who don’t know, Zunda means edamame in Japanese – yes, those green beans you see in salad bowls and such.

Infused with edamame power & vanilla milk

According to SoraNews24, these KitKat wafers bring out the savoury flavour you get from edamame, but in a creamy chocolate wafer.

You can expect to tantalise your taste buds with both sweet and savoury flavours as generous portions of edamame powder is infused into the wafer cream.

In addition, the chocolate coating is also nicely blended with a touch of vanilla milk commonly used in edamame shakes.


Box of 9 for S$10

These Zunda Shake KitKat are sold in boxes of 9. Each box will set you back about 800 yen (S$10), so you’d be paying about S$1.10 per packet.

Sounds pretty worth it for a flavour you can’t find anywhere else.


Your mum or dad can’t nag you about eating your greens once you start snacking on these – they’re basically a sweet treat and veggies in one.

Get edamame shake KitKat exclusively at Sendai Japan

The Zunda Shake KitKat are sold exclusively at the Sendai region in Japan from Sunday (1 Dec) onwards.

You can expect to find these chocolates at souvenir stores, the Sendai International Airport, or even in train stations.


Though they’re not available in Singapore, be sure to check them out when you’re on your next trip to Japan.

Also, remember to bring some back for your family and friends and let us know how it tastes!

Featured images adapted from Zunda Saryo and SoraNews24

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