12 People Deported From Singapore For Breaking ‘Circuit Breaker’ Rules

By now, we should already know how serious Singapore is when it comes to upholding ‘Circuit Breaker’ measures.

Just as they were strict with the rules, they are strict with penalties too. While Singaporean offenders risk fine and jail time, non-citizens are subjected to harsher punishments.

A total of 12 foreigners have been deported from Singapore, according to police and Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) on Monday (13 Jul).

For violating ‘Circuit Breaker’ rules, the 12 are also banned from coming back to the country.

Woman who offered sexual services during ‘Circuit Breaker’ among 12 people deported

TODAY Online reports that 9 men and 3 women, aged between 20 and 37, were deported.

In addition to being fined, they also had their work or student passes revoked.

Some of these cases have been reported in the media when they first occured. The 38-year-old woman from China, who was fined $7,000 for offering sexual services in a rented condo, is one of them.

38-Year-Old Woman Offered Sexual Services At Home During ‘Circuit Breaker’, Gets Fined $7,000

Police arrested the woman during an anti-vice raid on 5 May, after a client was seen entering the Jalan Kemaman condo at about 3pm.

They then searched the unit after the man left 50 minutes later.

Man in Yishun invited friend over for drinks

A 23-year-old Malaysian, who is a work permit holder, was caught for drink-driving, leaving his home without a valid reason, and having social interaction with someone not from his immediate household.

He was fined $4,000, and had his work pass revoked. He was then deported to Malaysia on 5 Jun.

Residents at Kim Keat Road invited 7 friends over

In the last case, 3 people staying at Kim Keat Road invited 7 others over for a social gathering on 5 May.

All of them were in Singapore on either student or work passes. After being fined between $2,000 and $4,500 each, they had their passes revoked and were swiftly deported back to India.

Singapore takes the law very seriously, you should too

Both police and ICA have reiterated that they will not hesitate to take strong action against those who fail to follow safe distancing measures.

If you’re holding a work or student pass, it’d be wise for you to view Singapore rules very seriously. Showing blatant disregard for them could have dire consequences.

A moment of impulse could end with forever regret — or in this case, forever blacklisted.

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Featured image adapted from ABC News.