4D Numbers Matching PE2023 Candidates’ Vote Shares Sold Out Ahead Of Draw On 2 Sep

4D Numbers ‘7040’, ‘1572’ & ‘1388’ Sold Out Shortly After PE2023 Results Were Released, None Win Top Prizes

After the dust settled on the 2023 Presidential Election (PE2023), former Senior Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam came out on top with a landslide victory.

However, it seems that some Singaporeans were concerned with other things besides the outcome of the election — specifically, the exact vote shares of the three candidates.

This became obvious when three 4D numbers for the draw the next day sold out shortly after the results were released.

Source: Google Maps

The numbers corresponded to the vote shares of the candidates.

Bets on 3 4D numbers sold out shortly after PE2023 results

4D draws are held on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

At about 1am on Saturday (2 Sep), online 4D bets for the draw on that day could no longer be placed on the numbers “7040”, “1572” and “1388”, reported 8world News.

Source: 8world News on Facebook

This was less than an hour after the final results of PE2023 were released.

Notably, Mr Tharman won with 70.4% of the vote, while Mr Ng Kok Song and Mr Tan Kin Lian got 15.72% and 13.88% respectively.

4D numbers can be sold out as Singapore Pools typically limits the number of bets on certain numbers in order to prevent large payouts if they win.

None of the PE2023 4D numbers won

Unfortunately for punters, their efforts would’ve come to nought.

According to the results of the draw, which took place at 6.30pm on Saturday (2 Sep), none of the three numbers won any of the prizes.

This included the top three prizes as well as the starter and consolation prizes.

Ng Kok Song’s car plate number wins starter prize

However, an MS News reader pointed out that punters who thought out of the box could’ve ended up with some modest winnings.

They noted that Mr Ng’s car licence plate had the number “333” on it. He was seen coming out of a car with that plate in a video posted by 8world News.

Source: 8world News on Facebook

Coincidentally, “3330” was one of the starter prizes in the 2 Sep draw.

Punters who placed an Ordinary Entry “big” bet on that number would’ve won S$250 for every S$1.

Previous 4D top prize also connected to Mr Ng

This isn’t the first time that Mr Ng had something to do with a winning 4D number.

For the draw on 2 Aug, “7545” won the top prize.

The number happened to be a combination of his and his fiancée Sybil’s ages.

‘7545’ Emerges As Winning 4D Combination, Punters Realise It’s Ng Kok Song & Fiancée’s Ages

Too bad for Mr Ng that his apparent luck in 4D didn’t translate to a win in PE2023.

If there’s one thing we learnt from the recent polling, it’s that Singaporeans will bet on anything indeed.

At least those who missed out will have another chance very soon — at the next draw on Sunday (3 Sep).

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Featured image adapted from 8world News on Facebook and Google Maps.

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