7-Eleven Singapore Has Limited Edition Durian Milk & Sakura Nescáfe To Give You A Taste Of Spring

It’s that time of the year again, when many Singaporeans would normally flock overseas for some spring blossoms and comfier weather.

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But for those of us suffering serious cases of wanderlust, fret not, you can still have a taste of it with 7-Eleven’s Springtime collection.

Featuring snacks and drinks inspired by Japan’s sakura season, the series of goodies might just transport you on a holiday in a faraway land.


Here’s a look at what they have in store for the season.

7-Eleven has sakura Nescáfe & fruity sparkling milk

For those of us missing the dreamy pink hills in Japan, these might just be the only cherry blossoms you can afford to see now.

Packaged in a refreshing rosy bottle with a sakura-themed print design, the limited edition Smoovlatte by Nescafé tastes like sakura soufflés.


Image courtesy of 7-Eleven

From what we’ve heard, you can indulge in a sweet floral smell the minute you open the bottle.

Grab one to give it a try soon, as the product is only available for a limited time.

And for those with more adventurous palates, 7-Eleven has some fruity sparkling milk that may just be what you need.

The Korea-made creamy, yet frizzy drink comes in both original and strawberry flavours.

Image courtesy of 7-Eleven

Durian milk to catch the season’s tail end

Just when you think these floral-themed drinks are not really your thang, there’s something exciting for the local palate, too.

Behold, the limited edition Yanwee durian milk that comes in a bite-sized bottle perfect for a breakfast on the go.

Image courtesy of 7-Eleven

This comes amid the tail end of the first durian season, when many head down to roadside durian stalls to savour the fruit’s pungent yet flavourful goodness.

The creamy fruit drink also comes in other exciting flavours, such as banana, strawberry and honeydew.

Convenient store to quench your wanderlust

Besides the eye-catching fruity and floral-themed drinks, 7-Eleven’s Springtime collection also feature rose-filled Hershey’s chocolates, amongst others.

As the goodies are only here for a limited time, head down to a store in your friendly neighbourhood and let your palate catch the ride to a spring holiday.

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