ACS Students Made An Entire Minecraft Campus As They Missed School Too Much

ACS Minecraft Server For All Students To Play Through

Countless people have turned to games like Animal Crossing and Minecraft to recreate dearly missed places of interest during this pandemic. From Changi Jewel to BMT bunks, semblances of normality can be found in such a manner.

And that’s exactly what the robotics team at Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) have done.

With this Minecraft replica of their school, students can now go back and relive the good ol’ pre-Covid-19 days.


Labour of love to build ACS campus from scratch in Minecraft

In a cinematic walk-through video, we see a brief snippet of the arduous block-by-block process behind the endeavour.

Image courtesy of ACSI

A 360° timelapse revolving around the school’s iconic clock-tower, showed that creators spared no effort in trying to capture every detail.

ACS in Minecraft is trip down memory lane for students & alumni

As the landmarks of ACS find their way into the digital world, every inch of the school remains as vibrant as ever.


The IB foyer, for instance, a destination that embodies “work hard, play hard”, is part of the ensemble.

Lit by an orange hue, the creators accurately show how light bounces of the walls at golden hour. They were even able to recreate the spiral staircase, which couldn’t have been easy given a bunch of blocks for those curves.


There’s something about seeing its facade in this light that reminds one of studying at the heavily contested wooden benches — all while watching those who’ve finished their exams earlier playing football.

Image courtesy of writer

After checking out the foyer, take a walk by the school Astroturf, a hotspot for after school shenanigans.

From the accurate paneling of the admin block overlooking the Astro, to the yellow box on the adjacent road, the attention to detail is evident. Even the green of the astro is almost true to life!


Hungry for a bite? You can pop by the Student Activity Centre (SAC) just a stone’s throw away from the Astro. And for once, it’s free from throngs of hungry students.

The colourful tables have also made their way into the blockish wonderland, albeit being squarish rather than the usual round ones. Of course, even in Minecraft, students couldn’t forget their favourite ice cream box.


And of course, when it’s time to head back to class, you can proceed to the academic blocks.

With distinctly differing facades for the secondary school and IB blocks, the ACSians were still able to capture the vibes of each perfectly.


Other landmarks you can visit include the lecture theatres.


The Minecraft cube chairs of this LT will arguably see students forced to stay awake in discomfort — which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

But maybe the square butts of Minecraft students will fit just fine.

Sharing the love & spreading school pride

In a post on their Instagram page, the creators share comprehensive instructions on how to use the resource pack.


And an amazing feat they did achieve. Everything, right down to the lighting, was executed wonderfully, truly something that needs to be shared.


Even in a procedurally-generated 3D world, the boys were able to induce a sense of warmth and homeliness for their fellow schoolmates.

The best is yet to be

A true mark of school spirit, these students aren’t letting the pandemic hinder their day-to-day.

With impeccable attention to detail and loads of hard work, they’ve truly created something great.

Kudos to the robotics team students for creating something all ACSians — young and old, can enjoy in such a trying time. Truly, the best is yet to be for all at AC.

Featured image adapted from FlickrInstagram.

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