Adidas Releases New Pokémon Collection For Die-Hard Fans Who Missed The Last Collection

Adidas Launches New Pokémon Apparel Series In Taiwan

Back in May, Pokémon fans had a meltdown when Adidas launched its first-ever collaboration with the video game series that has captured gamers’ hearts for the past 23 years.


If you’ve missed the previous release, here’s another chance at copping some Adidas merchandise adorned with some of your favourite Pokémon.

This November, Adidas will be releasing a new series of shoes and bags for hypebeasts who are secretly die-hard Pokémon masters.

The new collection will feature an even larger range of Pokémon, so this will also be the perfect time to fill your shoe collection-cum-Pokédex.


Pikachu-themed kicks

The Pokémon series is currently into its 9th Generation, but no creature is as iconic or timeless as the electric rodent that is Pikachu.

The new Adidas x Pokémon collection offers a variety of Pikachu sneakers available in both yellow and white colourways.

The yellow sneaker, with crimson stripes on the side is undoubtedly the louder of the two.


If it’s a signature piece that you’re looking for, this will certainly fit the bill.

Minimalists, on the other hand, can opt for the white option instead.


The shoe’s colour might seem plain on first glance, but the thunderbolts on the sides certainly add a nice contrast to the monochromatic background.


The Pikachu sneaker from the previous collection will also be re-released for fans who missed the previous drop.


This sneaker also features a black-and-white Pikachu motif and even has an embroidery on the sides.

Mewtwo & Charizard sneakers for those who want to challenge the Elite 4

To challenge the Elite 4, cute Pokémon alone just won’t cut it — you’ll need powerful ones as well.

Adidas seems fully aware of it and will also be releasing 2 sneakers for budding challengers.

Charizard is Leon‘s favourite Pokémon, and for good reason. With terrifying moves like Fire Blast and Dragon Blast, the mere sight of this fire dragon is enough to send many packing.


Well, you can soon have Charizard printed on your shoes too. The Charizard sneaker in this collection comes in a sinister-looking black that reminds rivals what happens when they cross paths with this fire-breathing dragon.


The sneaker also features a bright yellow base, and orange-flame prints on the sides, that resembles the embers on its tail.


It’s a crime to come up with a list of formidable Pokémon without mentioning Mewtwo — the humanoid Pokémon who single-handedly destroyed Team Rocket’s headquarters.

The new Adidas x Pokémon collection features Mewtwo sneakers that will have your rivals quaking with fear when you don them.


The shoe also has aurora stripes at the side to add to the whole mythical vibe.


Pokémon outfits for every party

The series also has a variety of Pokémon-themed outfits, ranging from hoodies to sweatpants, ensuring that you’re covered in Pokémon from head to toe.

The Pikachu hoodie comes in 2 colours — black and orange, both of which have Pikachu printed at the front.


The series also features a fanny pack to keep all 6 of your Pokéballs your phone and gadgets you’ll need for your adventure to greatness.


There will also be winter wear like coats and jackets from the collection that you can check out here.

Only available in Taiwan

Unfortunately, the Pokémon series is only available for sale in Taiwan for now. Adidas Singapore has also confirmed with MS News that this product will not be available in Singapore anytime soon.

But if you’re planning a trip to Taiwan, or happen to have friends there at the moment, do check these Pokémon apparels out at their stores.

Alternatively, put up a request on AirFrov, and who knows, a kind soul may very well help you out for the right price.

Feature images adapted from Instagram and Lee Sharing.

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