Aftershock PC Laptop Reviews Will Help You Decide Between Forge 15X & Apex 15X

Every gamer has different needs and priorities.

Some are casual players who prefer settling for budget-friendly laptops that perform decently. The hardcore ones may desire a cutting-edge device that comes with all the bells and whistles of a high-end gaming rig.

No matter what games you enjoy, Aftershock PC has custom-built rigs for all budgets and needs.

We’ll be checking out 2 gaming laptops, the Forge 15X and Apex 15X — both of them are behemoths in their own right.

We’ve compiled some unfiltered reviews as well, so you can make the best decision based on actual experiences from users online.

Intro to Aftershock Forge 15X

Weighing in at 2.2kg with a thickness of 24.9mm, the laptop is small enough to fit in a backpack but slightly heavy — something to take note of if you’re frequently on the move.

There’s a USB-C slot and an HDMI slot, with support for up to 3 monitors — perfect for those with gaming thrones. For those with several devices, there are 3 other USB ports:

  • 1 x USB 2.0 port (Type A)
  • 1 x USB 3.2 Gen 1 port (Type A)
  • 1 x USB 3.2 Gen 2 port (Type A)

As far as hard disks go, the Forge 15X is customisable and offers a solid-state drive (SSD) at up to 2TB capacity.

Sophisticated hardware for smooth gaming performance

The Forge 15X is jam-packed when it comes to sophisticated gaming hardware.

The feature that might jump out at you first is the NVidia RTX 3060 graphic card. As the hardware is one of the newest kids on the block, you can bet that your friends will look on with envious gazes.

Coupled with a 144hz monitor, competitive players will find themselves dying much less to random graphics-related issues with fast refreshes. Gone are the days when you might miss a kill by a millimetre.

Tests on games such as VALORANT and editing software like Adobe Photoshop proved to be smooth experiences, and the former on WiFi even.

If you’re a student, lugging around an external keyboard and monitor isn’t going to be a viable option. Thankfully, the keyboard proved to be more than adequate and satisfying, be it for work or gaming.

The Forge 15X starts at $1,695 for the basic hardware and $2,160 for the recommended hardware.

What people are saying about Aftershock Forge 15X online

Online discourse on Aftershock PC products on social media promises unfiltered opinions since these come mainly from everyday consumers like you, the reader.

For example, some have noted thermal issues which can occur on gaming laptops, especially high-end ones. Someone said on Reddit,

Not too sure about all of them, but one of them also had thermal issues (this was likely down to poor thermal paste application) and motherboard problem.

Thankfully, Aftershock PC includes Premium Enthusiast Grade Thermal Compound with the Forge 15X in both their basic and recommended specifications.


In addition, the company offers free maintenance service for any Aftershock laptop at their service centre, which should go some way in preventing the issues some may have faced.

At 105W, the power is heavy-duty consumption too, so do take note that you’re plugged in when marathoning a game sesh through the night.

Many have noted consistency and speed in terms of laptop performance even after 3-4 years, while some report deteriorating speeds after 2 or so years.



The new RTX 3060 series is also getting rave reviews, with favourable comparisons to the 2000+ series. Graphics appear much sharper, and that RTX ON meme proves true to life.

Games also ran at a consistently smooth rate, with temperatures reaching in the late 70 degrees (low for a gaming laptop).

Intro to Aftershock Apex 15X

Now imagine the Forge 15X, but with even better specs, features, and a QHD ultra-smooth 165hz display — that’s the Apex 15X.

Although customisation is possible for several parts, including RAM, the keyboard is one thing you can’t change up.

While the mechanical keyboard is more clicky than we’d like, this is entirely a personal preference. Meanwhile, the laptop’s width allows for a full-size setup with a numpad as well, which some will enjoy.

Outfitted with a 15.6-inch 165hz QHD Premium Wide Color Display (2560X1440), the Apex 15X display promises that you won’t miss that split-second flick when your enemy is in your face due to a delay in graphics processing.

And with an RTX 3070 graphics processing unit and 16GB RAM, FPS sharpshooters will find little to no impediment on the performance front.

The default option comes with a 512GB SSD, but Aftershock PC offers upgrades – up to 4TB – if you’re the type who plays a variety of games that come in at over 100GB.

The Apex 15X’s surface carries a CNC aluminium alloy finish, though those with wetter palms may wish to note that the lid might require regular wipes due to the fingerprint marks one will leave.

Those who demand the best from their gaming rig and have the money to spare will find that the Apex 15X is a beast. It comes with an option to upgrade to an AMD Ryzen 9 CPU, up to RTX3080 (Apex 15R).

Plus, who can deny the power of RGB?

The Apex 15X starts at $2,275 for the basic hardware and $3,030 for the recommended hardware.

Honest reviews of Aftershock Apex 15X

To use the adage, your mileage may vary.

Despite some complaints of poor customer service and faulty parts, one can also find glowing reviews from many reviews on Hardware Zone and Reddit.

One note that users recommend is to upgrade your warranty from the current 2 years to 3 years if you plan to use it for a while.


However, much praise is reserved for Aftershock PC’s customer service for their eagerness to serve and replace parts that have stopped working.

For example, a person on Twitter reported happily that they received a new and better SSD after theirs had stopped working.


Similar to the Forge 15X, Aftershock PC includes Premium Enthusiast Grade Thermal Compound with the Apex 15X in both their basic and recommended specifications, which should go some way in preventing thermal issues.

Get the powerful gaming rig you deserve from Aftershock

If you’re stuck between the Forge 15X or Apex 15X compared to other brands, the Forge 15X offers an excellent GPU and RAM for a lag-free gaming experience at a highly competitive price.

Meanwhile, buyers shelling out for the Apex 15X can rest assured that their laptop is futureproofed in the event of newer and more demanding games.

Ultimately, the main differences are within the price points as well as more powerful parts. The Forge 15X begins at $1,695, while the Apex 15X starts at $2,275.

You can get both laptops from the Aftershock PC website: Forge 15X and Apex 15X.

Be sure to check out their social media pages on Facebook and Instagram for more updates and info on the latest gaming rigs.

Research well before investing in a gaming rig

Buying a gaming laptop can be a big decision. That’s why it’s important to take the time to do your research well before plunking down the coin on one.

With so many options to consider and a variety of specs to look at, consumers can be spoilt for choice.

But your time and effort will surely pay off when you finally get the gaming rig you deserve. You just need to stay well-informed.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Aftershock PC.

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