Town Council issues advisory to residents at Outram HDB block who filled corridors with personal items

Outram HDB corridors overflowing with hoarded items

A 12-floor HDB block in Outram recently garnered attention for having the corridors of eight floors completely packed with miscellaneous items.

Man calls out Outram HDB resident for hoarding, files report with town council

These items include sofas, cabinets, standing fans, and plants.

Additionally, it appears that some residents have resorted to using the railings along the staircases as makeshift laundry racks.

The safety hazards posed by these cluttered corridors have raised concerns, prompting action from the Town Council.

Corridors of Outram HDB block packed with residents’ belongings

According to Shin Min Daily News, the HDB block in question is located at 13 York Hill.

Source: Google Maps

A reader informed the Chinese-language paper that residents have filled the corridors with their belongings, posing safety risks.

36-year-old salesperson Rafael said that he witnessed the situation for himself while scouting out the area for shoot materials.

Photographs seen by Shin Min Daily News depict items such as tables, chairs, and plants occupying the common areas outside residents’ doors.

“Not only does this obstruct the common areas, but these items are also a fire hazard,” said Rafael.

Residents claim they have insufficient space inside homes

During a visit to the block, Shin Min Daily News noted its 12 storeys, each accommodating approximately 10 single-bedroom rental units.

The paper understands that this block of flats has a history of over 50 years, with most residents being elderly folks.

Residents that reporters spoke to said the cluttering has been a persistent issue over the last few years.

One such resident is 18-year-old student Sheila (transliterated from Mandarin).

She explained that her family sometimes has no choice but to put some of their belongings outside their unit as their home has insufficient space.

Town Council issues advisories requesting removal of the items

Responding to queries from the paper, the Jalan Besar Town Council said it issued advisories to the residents who placed belongings in the corridors.

In particular, the Town Council had, on multiple occasions, spoken to the resident of a third-floor unit about placing his belongings in the common areas.

The resident in question is a 70-year-old “karang guni”.

He would place the items he has collected outside due to lack of space in his unit.

The resident has agreed to relocate the items within a week following discussions with the Town Council.

Similar notices have been issued to other residents, with the Town Council emphasising that it will conduct follow-up inspections.

“To ensure the safety and welfare of everyone, we seek residents’ cooperation in keeping common corridors and other shared spaces clean and accessible.”

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Featured image adapted from Shin Min Daily News

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