S’pore Customer Wants To Hide Online Purchase From Mum, Shop Labels Parcel As ‘Books’

Customer Hides Gaming Mouse Purchase From Mum, Online Store Labels It ‘Books For Study’

With most of us staying at home on most days, delivery services sending online purchase to our doorsteps have become ubiquitous.

But sometimes, we might want to keep our purchases a secret from prying eyes, like those of a parent.

This was the case for a customer who wanted to hide their online purchase of a gaming mouse from their mum.

Upon the customer’s request, the gaming shop promptly labelled the parcel ‘books for study’.


Posted on Facebook, some netizens commented that the shop’s customer service deserves 6 stars out of 5.

Customer requests package cover to hide online purchase

In a Facebook post by Endless Passion on 26 May, the gaming store answered an unusual request for home delivery.

A customer, who apparently bought a Logitech gaming mouse on the store’s site wants it delivered in a “simple package cover”.

Evidently not their first purchase of the gaming gear, they were hoping the mum wouldn’t find out, again.


The price of $239 for a single mouse might have contributed to the customer’s guilty conscience as well.

Store thoughtfully labels gaming gear ‘books’

Upon receiving their parcel, the customer thanked Endless Passion for a job well done.

Apparently, the store wrapped up the box for a gaming mouse and labelled it ‘books for study’ with an innocent smiley face on the side.


Thanks to the ‘safe’ delivery, the customer could share a group photo of their gaming mouses featuring the new member in the middle.

People-oriented customer service

Endless Passion’s post has gone viral over the past few days, garnering close to 10k shares.

Many applaud the store for taking ‘quality customer service’ to a new level, while others are reminded to keep a closer watch of their gaming teens.

Incidents as such, aside from offering humour, stand testament to the store’s superb customer-oriented services.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Carousell.

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