Delivery Partner Throws Parcel On The Floor, S’pore Customer Claims Items Inside Are Damaged

Delivery Partner Allegedly Throws Parcel On The Floor Outside Customer’s Unit

To minimise heading outdoors amidst the evolving Covid situation, many Singaporeans have turned to online shopping to get items they need.

Stay Home For The Next 4 Weeks, Only Go Out For Essential Purposes: MOH

Thankfully, most of our products arrive on time and in good condition.

On Wednesday (26 May) evening, however, a customer allegedly caught a J&T delivery personnel throwing a box of milk products outside his house. CCTV footage of the incident was shared on Facebook the next morning.


The customer also posted photos of the torn parcel, with products inside appearing to be damaged.

Delivery partner allegedly throws parcel outside customer’s house

In the clip, a lady in pink can be seen dropping a brown cardboard box on the floor outside a residential unit before ringing the doorbell.


An audible thud can be heard as the parcel hit the ground.

The clip lags for a few seconds, but it seems the lady swiftly took a picture of the unit as proof of delivery.


She then headed off before the customer could answer the door.

Milk products inside box allegedly damaged

Recounting the incident, the customer shared that he had purchased 2 boxes of NAN kid Optipro milk on Shopee.

On Wednesday (26 May) at around 11.23pm, the delivery finally arrived.

But when he answered the door, the customer found a dented box instead.

Later when he opened it, he discovered that the products inside were damaged too.


As he went through the footage, the customer found that the box was already dented before it was dropped.

He also claimed that other parcels under the delivery personnel’s care might have been handled similarly.

MS News has reached out to J&T Express Singapore and Shopee for a statement on the incident.

Hope customer will receive compensation

It’s troubling to see a delivery personnel from such a reputable company handling parcels so unprofessionally.

We hope the delivery firm conducts a thorough investigation into the incident and that the customer will receive some form of compensation for the damaged goods.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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