Groom in Indonesia finds out wife is a man after 12 days of marriage

Groom in Indonesia finds out wife is a man

A man in Indonesia found out only 12 days into his marriage that his wife was a man in disguise.

DetikJabar reported that a man with the initials ESH had disguised himself as a woman named Adinda Kanza Azzahra to marry a 26-year-old man in Wangunjaya Village, Naringgul District, Cianjur Regency.

ESH’s cover-up was revealed after the husband’s family became suspicious because ESH often refused to have sex.

It wasn’t until the husband’s family found the wife’s home that they confirmed their suspicions through ESH’s father. They then made a police report for fraud.

Religious authorities said the marriage was not conducted under their auspices, noting that the situation could’ve been avoided if they’d registered their marriage with them.

Man in Indonesia falls in love & marries wife who turns out to be a man

The man, whose initials are AK, got to know ESH on social media in 2023 and they began talking frequently.

ESH had introduced himself as a woman named Adinda Kanza Azzahra from Cidaun, Cianjur, according to Nasional.

As they got to know each other better, they started to meet up in person. AK reportedly fell in love with ESH at first sight. Eventually, he mustered the courage to ask ESH out.

From there, ESH’s deception escalated. ESH would cover their identity by wearing a hijab and even a veil to ensure their disguise.

The deception worked, and AK proposed to ESH.

On, 12 April 2024, the couple had a simple and unregistered marriage ceremony at AK’s house.

Source: DetikJabar

To avoid officially registering the marriage, ESH lied and told AK that they lived alone, saying that they did not have a mother and had an absent father. Using this excuse, they requested that a local religious figure be their guardian.

Additionally, ESH asked for 5g of gold as dowry.

Suspicions raised

But soon after the marriage, AK’s family started becoming suspicious as ESH would often refuse to socialise with others, including the family and local residents.

Suspicions grew further when ESH would make up excuses to not have sexual intercourse with AK, DetikJabar reported.

However, AK did not catch on to the web of lies as ESH would often dress like a woman.

Source: DetikJabar

“Especially when they had makeup on, they really looked like a woman,” the head of the Naringgul Police Criminal Investigation Unit, Bripka Ridwan Taufik said. “From the wedding photos, you can see that they really look like a woman. Their voice is also a little shrill, like a woman’s.”

But 12 days into the marriage, AK’s family finally uncovered the scam after they decided to investigate ESH’s background. They tracked down ESH’s house and found that their father was still around.

It was then that ESH’s father revealed the truth that he was a man.

Disappointed and embarrassed, AK’s family reported ESH to the police for fraud.

“ESH confessed that they wanted to get money from the victim,” Mr Bripka Ridwan Taufik said. “Every time ESH asked for money, they always got it. Now the perpetrator has been charged under Article 378 of the Criminal Code with the threat of four years in prison.”

Incident could’ve been prevented if marriage was official

The Head of the Naringgul District’s Religious Affairs Office (KUA), Ajah Suryana, said he learned about the incident from the police, according to DetikJabar.

“Just found out from the police, someone reported that he was deceived by the appearance of his wife, who turned out to be a man,” he said on 5 May.

According to him, the marriage between AK, the groom, and ESH, was not registered. As such, authorities were not aware of the union.

He said this could have been prevented if the groom had followed the rules of officially marrying through the KUA. Authorities would have been able to confirm both identities during the marriage process.

“Officially, their identity will of course be checked, especially their gender,” he added, noting that authorities would check their identity card or birth certificate.

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