Disgruntled netizen in S’pore leaves colourful open letter to man who took a dump in shower at Virgin Active

Netizen writes colourful open letter to man who took a dump in the shower at Virgin Active

One Virgin Active member was met with a nasty surprise after one of their workout sessions at the Virgin Active gym in Guoco Tower ended with an encounter with a shower pooper.

Taking to Reddit, they penned a colourful open letter to the man who took a dump in the male locker room shower at the gym. Despite moving from his usual shower cubicle, he said he was traumatised by the sight and smells as he tried to wash them away with soap and shampoo.

According to the letter, the gym staff who had to clean the mess had the worst of it.

Man takes a dump in the Virgin Active shower cubicle

On 27 May, an SG-based Redditor made a post to r/SingaporeRaw detailing his experience in the male locker room shower at the Virgin Active gym in Guoco Tower.

Titled “To the person who took a shit in the male locker room shower cubicle at Virgin Active Guocco[sic],” the post is an open letter to the person he claims pooped in the shower cubicle.

He starts the letter with an incredulous “why???”, asking the person why they would do such a thing. He then proceeds to give a comprehensive and detailed account of his experience.

After a workout, the Redditor had gone into the lockers to take a shower. As he made his way towards his usual cubicle, he reportedly heard “gagging and dry heaves UWEH UWEH.”

Source: Oliver Hale on Unsplash

Out of concern, he then went to investigate. What he found was akin to a “crime scene,” with gloves and cones sectioning off the area. Despite his best instincts to remain ignorant, his morbid curiosity got the better of him.

That’s when he saw it.

“[There] are 4 small turd mounds on the shower drain grille in a row. light brown and clumpy turds,” wrote the Redditor.

Washing away the poop from the shower and from his soul

Much like how you can’t seem to look away from a car crash, the Redditor couldn’t stop taking in the carnage. He witnesses the gym staff valiantly try to clean up the mess using a hose.

Unfortunately, the poop was firm and stuck. “the virgin active staff tries to hose it down but these things are FIRM they don’t move and now shit is getting stuck in the slots in the shower drain,” he wrote.

Unable to bear witness to the atrocity any longer, the Redditor hurried away to a cubicle as far away as possible. He turned on the hot water and tried to drown away the smells with his soap and shampoo. But the trauma haunted him as he continued to hear the staff dry gagging “UWEH UWEH” and the musty smells of poop lingered in the air.

Sympathies for the gym staff and bad karma for the pooper

After his shower, the Redditor saw the gym staff who had presumably completed the clean-up. He expressed his sympathy for the situation and lamented having to do such a task at a measly pay.

He added, “I wanted to take a cold plunge but seeing the turds was a cold plunge for my soul.”

The Redditor’s final message for the pooper was simply that he wished he “earned some serious bad karma today.”

MS News has reached out to the OP and Virgin Active for comments.

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Featured image adapted from Oliver Hale on Unsplash.

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