10-year-old Thai student seen bottle-feeding her baby sister with one hand in classroom

Thai student bottle-feeds her 1-year-old sister while taking notes in classroom

A video of a 10-year-old Thai student bottle-feeding her young sister with one arm while taking notes in class has gone viral.

Source: @yingggzz on TikTok

The girl, nicknamed Green, has gained plaudits for taking care of her sister while still attending school.

Her teacher, who posted the video, praised her for not neglecting school and still taking on the responsibility of babysitting while her mum was busy.

Thai student bottle-feeds baby sister while taking notes in class

Green’s teacher posted the heartwarming story on TikTok, which has garnered more than two million views as of the time of writing.


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According to The Thaiger, she attends Ban Klong Kaem Cham School in Prachin Buri.

In the video, Green, the eldest sister in her family, can be seen bottle-feeding her one-year-old sister while she holds a look of focus and diligently takes notes.

Source: @yingggzz on TikTok

”I don’t know how people who are teachers like us will feel,” user @yingggzz wrote in the caption. “But one thing is always told to children. No matter what, don’t miss class.”

She further explained that Green’s mother was busy, so she brought her little sister to school with her.

“Good thing her sister isn’t naughty,” the teacher laughed.

Netizens praise teacher and student

One netizen commented that Green had to be very strong if she was able to handle bottle-feeding with one hand while taking notes with the other.

Source: TikTok

Another netizen praised the teacher for being empathetic and allowing the student to bring her sibling to class.

Source: TikTok

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Featured image adapted from @yingggzz on TikTok.

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